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  1. I could grind down the bottle opener to fit in the shaft more easily than drilling out the shaft.
  2. I am using these for woodworking projects. Definitely not worth it to be drilling things out. I have a EVS drill press that can easily hadle it, but drilling out steel shafts is going to take some time clamping the irregularly shaped heads and then wear and tear on tools. I guess this project is going to be abandoned and the clubs are headed to the trash. THe first driver I tried was a Ping and it came off easy heating the shaft. Several other Pings were trouble. The only other one to come off easily was a solid wood putter.
  3. HOw do I do this? I can't heat the hozzle without burning it. I tried heating the steel shafts direct;y, but I haven't been able to get the epoxy hot enough without making the shaft melt. The first club I tried this with was a ping Eye II wood and it came off super easy. Have tried about 5 others now and all but a wood putter failed spectacularly. Fire, bending metal, then shafts breaking. I tried a spring loaded club puller and it was useless. I have a rubber thing to put in my vise and hold the club firmly by the shaft. What am i missing here?
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