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  1. I've enjoyed reading your thread here, as it is similar to my journey that started a little over a year ago. I had been out of the game for about 20 years, as I took time to raise a family, and then jumped back in, taking the dive into the black hole of knowledge out there. Overwhelming sometimes... When I started back up, I went thru the same information overload in researching clubs, and swing and balls, and, and, and... So, after all that, I wanted to upgrade from my 20-year old clubs I had fit for me when I was in my 20's and I found a local, independent club fitter to go thru that process (I'm now in my 50's). He fit me according to my swing, and my game at the time (had been taking lessons, and grinding at the range for a couple months by this point, so it wasn't a wasted fitting). He wasn't there to "sell me a package" of what he had to make quota on, or what he got the biggest cut off of. I now have a very nice set of clubs that will last me a LONG time, with a lifetime warranty and adjustments (as long as I don't do anything stupid). You can see my sig for what I'm playing. I know may here will have differing opinions as to what I'm playing and the brands. That's cool... I say all this to suggest that you may want to get get a fitting from an independent guy, rather than Golf Galaxy, Dicks Sporting Good, or a big chain. I look forward to your updates, and your goal to keep bringing that score down. Keep it in the green stuff!!!
  2. 1965 Chevy Corvair Corsa Convertible, I'll work on pics.
  3. I had used double-sided automotive emblem tape (left over from a resto-mod project) and that seemed to work well also. I'll keep the glue option in mind.
  4. Ok, sounds like another excuse to go play more golf now! Thanks Matt
  5. Yeah, I would hit the + then putt, then putt it in, then tap the Pin Collect? I wonder if that could be part of the problem, using the pin collect as my hole out putt.
  6. No, I'm sorry. I wanted to wait until this round to see what happened, and well, it did it again. Said I shot in the mid 60's again. Actually carded a 94. SS Customer Support, here I come. Again, the only difference is me going to Manual Putting, and that is because my new Sub70 Putter has the SuperStroke grip on it and I didn't retag it. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.
  7. Hey Tony, I have a round scheduled for this coming Sunday afternoon, so I'll see what happens on scoring with it. If I drop an obscene amount of strokes again I'll contact them (altho my handicap would LOVE it!!).
  8. Wow that's nice, too bad I just bought a new putter. Dang
  9. Hey Matt, yeah, firmware is up to date (as of last month I believe). And my rounds before, like yours, were pretty spot on prior rounds. I'm going to play again this weekend, and see if it does the same thing. If so, I'll definitely be reaching out!
  10. Ok, played over the weekend and the watch missed THIRTY strokes, and didn't keep pin positions when I pinned out after putting. The ONLY thing I did different was go to Manual Putting Mode (mainly wanted to try it, AND forgot to put the tag on my spare putter when I left the house, see the Sub70 Putter thread for that explanation, so MP Mode it was). I added every putt (really surprised I remembered that) and hit "pin out" by the flag on every hole. When I sync'd up it said I shot a SIXTY-FOUR! HOT DAMN!!!!!! Yeah, that is NOT right... most of my putts didn't show up, and two holes were completely missed, no shots whatsoever. Not sure what happened, but it was never this bad, usually only missed 4-5 strokes. I don't even remember where all the pins were, so there goes my putting accuracy. I do keep my scorecard just in case, just not looking forward to all that editing. Still overall, I AM happy with this watch, I've been using it for almost 6 months. Hopefully this is just an "outlier". Anyway, carry on...
  11. Well, I guess it's time for an update. I have a "new" Sub70 Putter hitting my door in the morning. If you recall I had the #4 Fang-Tooth putter (should still be at the top of this page - #2) and was really enjoying it. The only problem was (which was my own fault), I ordered the shaft too short and it just didn't feel comfortable at address after a few rounds. So I emailed Sub70 Customer Service and said can I return it and have a longer shaft put in under warranty? They said SURE! Ok cool, can I also get the double bend shaft in place of single bed, No Problem!! But...we are out of stock on those shafts for that putter until Mid to Late November. Well crap... Looked around the website and they had the #3 Mallet putter available with the DB Shaft, so I asked if I could do a swap. SURE!! (Man, these guys are GREAT!) So, I returned the #4 and ordered the #3 and it was pretty much a wash. The #3 was my initial choice at the very beginning, but decided to try something different and am now back to my initial choice. The only issue is it doesn't have the removable weights the #4 did, so we'll see how that plays into it. It' supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I hope to get out this weekend and get a round or two under it. Until then, keep em rolling straight and true (unless there's a break, then well...play the break).
  12. Hmmm, I've played a few of my 9 hole courses here and haven't been given that prompt, I had to start completely over in "finding" the course. I'll have to look at my options closer next time. I always thought it would be nice if it asked if you were playing again. What would be cool is if you could change the tee boxes you played from during this "back 9". What my buddies and I do is we'll play one round from the whites, then one round from the tips (rarely more than a 20yd difference), or will alternate odd even holes doing this, just to change up the look of the holes.
  13. Keep checking daily, the 004 was OOS one afternoon and back in the next morning.
  14. Yes, I have! Went to the putting green at my Home Muni and putted around with it for about an hour. I'm really liking the feel of it. I swapped out the 15g weights and dropped in the 20g's. Love the sound when you strike the ball well. Played a round last night, and had no 3 puts, left more than I can recall with in 6-8", or right to the lip, and sunk a 53'er on a Par3. Only the 3rd putter I've ever used, but definitely the best quality one I've used. Only thing I was disappointed with was a velcro-close head cover, not magnetic. You'd think magnetic would be standard for the better putters. Highly recommend
  15. Got a notification email about an hour ago that it's (004 Mallet) shipping today. I should see it by Friday at the latest! ~update~ WOW, Go Sub70, UPS 2-Day. Rethinking my day for tomorrow now, might be taking a couple hours at the putting green.
  16. Well, you got me thinking about the double bend and them recommending it, so I called to inquire. They explained it's a toe-hang vs. face-balanced thing (I'm sure most of you know that, I didn't). Since I am currently playing a toe-hang mallet (single bend), he said to leave it as is (especially since it's packaged and shipping out today!! YAY). He said if I don't like it, or want to try FB, then send it back within the 60-day term and they'll swap it out. The customer service here is excellent, been very pleased the couple times I've called in. Can't wait to get my putter, should show up early next week.
  17. Very Cool! Awesome that you got some extras. I ordered my 004 on 7/29 and it's still "processing", keep checking 3-4 times a day to see if that changes, altho the disclaimer was 2-3 weeks. LOL Did you purposely request the double-bend hosel, or just take it as default? My current putter only has the single bend, so since I'm used to that, that's what I chose. Did you adjust the weighting, or did it seem to be good at factory settings?
  18. I'm running ShotScope, so I'll be doing the same tracking to see if it makes a difference.
  19. I too read the write up on them and it sounded pretty impressive. Pulled the trigger on the 004 Mallet this morning. Did I need a new putter, no...but for the price I was willing to try it. Single Bend, SuperStroke Flat Front grip, 32". Now the wait , the hard part. I also have tried finding outside reviews of this particular model, and can't find much. Overall, across the entire line, review are very good, so I expect the putter to be there also.
  20. I've been a V3 user now for a couple months. I was using Hole19, and while it gave similar data, it was very cumbersome waiting to update my location on the fairway, then club choice. Love the freedom SS gives of just playing. Have not had the need to import pix of holes, so I can't help there. I have noticed on one of my courses they have a P5 and a P4 swapped. Need to shoot that off to support and see what they need to update. Look forward to hearing tips, and hopefully providing some of my own.
  21. I am currently using the Shot Scope V3 ($199 on sale now) and am liking it for the tracking and data it provides. The V3 watch is much smaller than the V2 as ChiefMikeOfficer noted, and is comfortable to wear. Tracking Tabs are small and don't interfere off the edge of the grip. You do have to edit your round at the end, as it does miss a couple shots, but overall I think it's a great app. I used Hole19 and my phone before, and it was a PIA having to input everything on the phone during the round. Shot Scope takes care of everything, you just play. Good luck in your search!
  22. I also enjoy watching Rick Shiels channel, as I've gotten some good tidbits from him. Mr Shortgame is very easy to grasp with his concepts, and seems VERY excited to pass them on LOL The TXG guys are good also, I like how they do an all around review of the whole system and how it all comes together. One guy I haven't seen mentioned (yes, I read every post) was Danny Maude. Very straight forward and easy to understand. One YouTube golf couple I've really enjoyed watching lately is Stacked Golf. Young couple that goes garage saleing and Goodwilling looking for used clubs. Then they go play 4-5 holes with their latest find. Kinda fun. Great thread, I need to check out some of these other people that were suggested.
  23. Thanks for noticing that, it is a service I feel I can give back to our Veterans in respect to the service they gave our county in sounding the Honor from the heart and not by battery. I too was "grabbed" by the Veteran theme in the advertising, and do feel that they are founded by veterans and are doing what they can to provide jobs. Yeah, the marketing is a little suspect, but being a startup I guess they are just trying to get out there. I am disappointed that you have had such bad luck getting in touch with them. Could it be a time zone issue, since they are in CA and last in line for sunrise? I'm not making excuses for them, just hoping to get you a resolution.
  24. Wow, that is strange, I've talked to them 3-4 times and never had that happen. Are you calling Cust Svc at 888-864-9728? Sales # is 888-728-8090. And Welcome!!!
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