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  1. On 9/11/2020 at 1:53 PM, Cory O said:

    I'll probably make up an unofficial review once I've played it a bit more, but the F-35 Heater hybrid hasn't been half bad. The wholesaler seems to have put it together well, everything aligned correctly and nothing came loose after a few solid smacks. As mentioned before, it is a heavy-weight, definitely not any carbon fiber or speed foam in the brute. As such, it's going to take some more practice before I can consistently turn it over (it likes to go right), but the distance is there for what I would want from a 15* club and it has a decent sound from the sweet spot.

    Dunno if the guy who put it together was a true American patriot master club builder, but the dude I spoke with (Steve) was nice enough.

    hey just wondering if you have any update on the review I received a similar email recently and wanted to know if it was worth the shipping lol. 

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