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  1. Appreciate all the input - you guys definitely know your stuff and gave me a lot to think about. As far as KBS, unfortunately wasn't able to hit the Tour V, but wasnt a fan of C-Taper Lite. Since playing and getting used to the weight of 130g shafts, the I've learned to appreciate the extra weight and the Lite maxing out at 115g in X didnt give that same feeling and stability I've got accustomed to holding the club. After talking more with the fitter, and with the profile of the 120 series playing softer through the mid, I think 120TX might be the ticket. The TX is 126g and more sta
  2. I've hit the full Modus line at two different fitters in the last week and have found they work well for my swing, just am stuck deciding between the two and results are very comparable. Was hoping someone had made the shift from C-Tapers (130X) to Modus 120 and could share their experience - or if there was anyone that had input/comparison on the 120X vs the 120TX.
  3. Hey All, Was fitted and been gaming the C Taper 130X for 1.5 years now, results have been great - tight dispersion, brought my ball flight down to a more penetrating trajectory, but starting to really despise the feel. When swinging at full power they're great, but whenever trying to hit something at 85% or days when I'm a bit tired, feels like hitting the ball with a steel pole and kills my hands the next day. In the past week I've been to club champion and a Nippon shaft center and have hit plenty of different shafts. Have narrowed it down to the Modus 120X and the Modus 120TX. Rea
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