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  1. Jeff Nesbit, MS I walk whenever I can, usually when playing alone, about 80% of the time. I have a BagBoy three wheel pushcart that is about 10 years old.
  2. Jeff / Nesbit, MS Ipad Pro Testing outdoor No net. I currently do not have a net but have been looking into purchasing one.
  3. Jeff / Nesbit, MS I have used a hitting net in the past until it fell apart after a couple of weeks. I have not used a LM with a net before but have been thinking of getting one.
  4. Jeff - Nesbit, MS Handicap is around 8 Currently play Mizuno Blue wedges - 55 deg S5 and 6 deg S18. I love the Non-Shiny look of the Raw wedges but have never tried them. I am currently looking to replace wedges and would like the Zip Core since I play Cleveland D, 3W, 3H and putter.
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