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  1. •Ricky R./Miami, FL •SS: 106 mph •Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 10.5° •PX Even Flow Riptide CB 6.0 50g •iron shaft: N.S. Pro 950GH neo Stiff
  2. Ricky, Miami, FL Right handed 1st choice: driving iron 18° KBS stiff 2nd choice: 3 wood 14° stiff handicap: 8 play Cobra F9 hybrids mainly, on really windy days or really firm courses, I play long irons
  3. Ricky Miami, FL Nike VR Pro 8 handicap SS: 105 And gaining TSi3
  4. Ricky - Miami, FL handicap: 8 current wedges: Callaway MD4 - 50°, 54°, 58° (were black finish but stripped the black off and are now Raw finish) Appeals: I have played all wedges and finishes and prefer raw finishes because of the spin factor. Even my older raw Vokeys still have tons of spin because of the rust.
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