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  1. William from the Eastern Townships Quebec. (magog area) Handicap -3.8 Wedges being played right now are my 50 degree zip core, which I will admit may be my second favorite club in the bag, I am also playing a wilson staff 54 degree (got drunk and launched my 54 degree taylormade in a lake) and was unable to get an ok replacement, due to covid. In hindsight, this was a bad idea since my game took a turn in shots gained within 100 yards. I also have my wifes' cleavalnd CBX 60 degree for when I am really close to the green and just need a hight and tight shot. Yes it is a womens club, but i dont care since I would otherwise choke up on the club anyway. Lastly, the best part about a raw wedge is that they are strait up. That means they they are made to be used and dress the part. I use my golf clubs, a lot, and it shows. I am now no longer afraid of taking a shot that may scratch my club finish, I want people to know that my clubs are used; why? because that is what they are made for. People will say that they create more spin, by when we get down to it; that is not true. What does create spin are the grooves on the face. Keeping them clean does that! What else creates a better shot? attack! and being scared of scratching a club on a pebble in a sand trap or bad area around the green will do nothing. I love my zipcore wedge, I really wish I could get 2 more to add on and push my game. Enjoy all the last few weeks of golf! William
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