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  1. Chris Discovery Bay, CA Ping G410 LST 9 degree with hzrdus smoke green 6.5tx 2.7 index 125mph swing speed TSi3
  2. Chris/ Brentwood, CA Handicap: 2.7 Current Wedges: RTX4 Raw 52, 56, 62 With non raw wedges, I find that when the sun gets low in the sky at the perfect angle (which seemed to happen every time I’d play when I had satin wedges), I’d either have to deloft the club. Or, I’d have to move the ball in my stance to be able to look at the ball without getting blinded. Even the brushed steel finish from vokey and other similar offerings aren’t truly glare free. Raw is the ticket, and people think I’m better at golf than I really am when they see them
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