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  1. I would love to test the #3. I have played a Ping Craz-E for many years, which is a similar, face-balanced, bent-shaft model. I use 35". Thanks! Martin
  2. I'd like to weigh in on GolfTec specifically, because I think they offer an interesting in-between. I worked with a teacher at my local GolfTec for the past 1.5 years. I had a self-taught swing, so I felt that in order to get better, I needed to get rid of the old, and do it right. It seems like this goes against the typical advice I have heard from golf professionals that you should work to improve what you have. GolfTec is also great for learning and practicing indoors over the winter. But for me, it hasn't been just about making my swing look better, it has resulted in getting two
  3. It looks like my post didn't strike a chord with anyone, so I'll post what I think the answer is. We know that: Adding weight at grip end decreases swing weight Swing weight is a measure of weight above and below the balance point Most of a shaft's weight is above the balance point The above means that decreasing the shaft weight actually increases swing weight. So I need 12g at the handle end to bring the swing weight back to where it was with the original shaft and grip. I've done this by spiral-wrapping 12" of lead tape, and the club is finished. I'll giv
  4. In the last year I have been fitted for new clubs and replaced my old set, which included Hogan CFT irons and hybrids. I particularly loved the Hogan 5h, and at some point I acquired an extra one in case something would happen to the first. As a fun project, using the extra 5h club, I'm installing a new graphite shaft and grip. Here are the specs for new and old... Original Hogan shaft: Graphite R 80g Grip 48g New Recoil ES: Graphite R 69g Grip 41g New shaft was trimmed to exactly the same length as the original, 37 11/16". I tipped it per GolfWorks instruction
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