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  1. PM me if the 60g shaft with the Callaway adaptor is still available.
  2. Ed / La Plata, MD 10 Under Armour HOVR Matchplay Stability, comfort and feel
  3. Let's see your best golf meme. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Check out the Rovic rv1s. It's sold by clic gear and all their accessories are compatible. I got mine new for $219 shipped from the clic gear website. It has both a hand and a foot brake. The hand brake is for the front swivel tire and the foot brake is for the back tires. I've had no issue even on down slopes with just using the front brake. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Maybe when I retire I'll volunteer to become the fun police.
  6. Send me a text with what their membership dues look like.
  7. What course have you been looking at joining? I've been looking into Hawthorne Country Club by me.
  8. if it wasn't for my speaker i would have lost my mind. I played tee box games with my playing partner which also helps.
  9. I agree that jumping ahead is an option but is it the right thing. Maybe having the mindset "they can just jump ahead" is what's caused the change in etiquette?
  10. When did letting people "play through" go by way of the dodo? Played today and it was my second straight round with a 3 hour back 9. Today, I was in a 2 player group catching a 4 player group at the tee for 8 straight holes. No group in front of them. I asked if we could play through and was told no. The reason they face was, it would disrupt the flow of their round. Am I remembering golf etiquette wrong? Should I have just hit upon them and forced the issue?
  11. I used this drill the last time I was on the range and had good success with it.
  12. My bag been under construction. Added some lead Tape to adjust swing-weight.
  13. I saw in a TXG video them talking about using a 100g+ shaft and shortening it to be closer to the iron equivalent length. It's an interesting concept, wondered if anyone had tried it out.
  14. Has anyone shorter their hybrid shaft be closer to standard iron length? If so, what have the results been for you?
  15. Has anyone made their own club organizer/holder for their workbench?
  16. The "Caddie" feature of Arccos is something i would be interested in learning about.
  17. I found my fitter using Titleist's website. Once I found a few fitters, I just looked up a few reviews. I wanted a set of Titleist irons but ended up getting fit for a different manufacturer.
  18. This sucks. I had the same issue with PING irons I ordered back in July. If I didn't go with a different manufacture, I would still be waiting for my irons.
  19. What Matrix are you looking for? The data collected is not completely accurate and requires editing at the end of a round. I would estimate that it captures about 75% of the data correctly. Shot Scope for club distance will give you an average distance taking into account all shots. It also gives you a "P-AVG" that gives you a "true distance" on well struck golf shots. It does this by using an algorithm that removes all outlier shot distances (both long and short). You can also see the longest shot with each club For Analytics: It breaks it down into 4 categories - Tee Shots, Approaches, Short Game and Putting. Each category will then give you overall data for each category as well as specific club data Tee Shots - Fairway Success %, Left Miss %, Right Miss % - Yards: AVG, P-AVG, LONGEST Approaches - Total Green Success %, Rough %, Fairway %, Bunker % - Shots to Finish from those three locations and Avg Proximity to hole from those three locations. Short Game - Avg Proximity to Hole - Inside 6ft %, Up & Down %, Inside 20ft Putting - Number of Putts Per Green % - Make % for Short, Medium, long - Shots to Finish for Short, Medium, Long
  20. I think I'm going to start with my driver and give it a try. I do enjoy the GP MCC plus 4 Align grips for my irons. I know some people say they cant feel the ridge on the grip but i can and it helps me get my hands set.
  21. I've been looking at the JumboMaxx Grips. Their tour grips are 40+ grams heavier then Golf Pride Align grips i currently use and their UtraLite are 10+ grams lighter. My question, is how is the swing-weight changing? Is the added grip weight reducing the swing-weight?
  22. Agreed I've been watching and reading a ton over the past couple of weeks but I'm a prac app learner.
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