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  1. I recently picked up my first hybrid (Cobra SZ 21°) and really like the feel of the stock (UST Recoil 480 ESX (F4)) shaft. Across my Woods and Hybrid i see a higher torque value. What are some other decent high torque shafts options?
  2. I enjoy TXG videos and this was the first practice drill video I've seen of theirs. I saw the off name brand version (Thanks) I decided to ordered it. I figure if I end up using it during my range sessions I'll spring for the "Name Brand" version.
  3. New to the site and forum. I moved back to Maryland last year after being gone for 15 years. Currently living in Southern Maryland. I'm always available if someone needs "one more" for a round. I'm really working on my game since returning to golf after a 5+ year layoff.
  4. I've been happy using the WinterSof by Footjoy. Depending on how cold it gets I might bring a HotHands warmer.
  5. I saw a video that TXG did on the Tour Striker Smart Ball. It looks like a straight forward training aid. Anyone have experience using one or a similar product?
  6. Ed La Plata, MD Callaway Mavrik Max 20 100-104 mph TSi3 - I play a low launch/speed club with my head and shaft settings. I feel that setup benefits my game the most.
  7. Do you know of any hybrid with adjustable loft?
  8. I got fit the first week of July for a Callaway Driver and Fairway, Ping Irons and Titleist wedges. I didn't receive a single club until September 17th. The clubs I did receive were my driver and two wedges. My fitter danced back and forth telling me it was either a head or shaft shortage. I eventually canceled my ping order all together after being told my the local Ping Rep that manufacturing of custom clubs would start again till November. I was able to get a 5-PW set of cobras fit with custom shafts. I canceled my remaining order and I'm waiting for the fitter to refund me for the clubs and services he was unable to provide.
  9. I'm looking for advice on adding hybrids to my bag. Should I add hybrids based loft to a consistent gapping between clubs or match the hybrid number to the iron I'm replacing (example 4 hybrid to replace 4 iron). Backstory: I'm getting back into golf after a 6 year layoff. I went for a proper full bag fitting but unfortunately due to supply and communication issues i wasn't able to fill the gap I had between my 5 iron and Driver. I have since sourced a 3 wood and hybrid which i also love. The hybrid is stamped as a 4H 21° which i assumed replaced a 4 iron. Looking at the loft table for my irons my 5 iron is lofted at 21° (Strong lofted Clubs i know). This is the first time I've used hybrids before and I have enjoyed playing with them. Thank you in advance
  10. Eddie / La Plata, MD 20 Handicap Titleist Vokey SM8 I enjoy the worn look of the raw (not rusted) wedge and the increase feel (even if its just mental).
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