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  1. Whilst putting putter heads into the shafts, I may have used a little bit too much epoxy. As they set/dried overnight, there's been some overflow (see attached pics). Also - any tips on how to avoid this happening? Thanks!
  2. You know I just put more epoxy in there, and kept it straight and it seems to be holding strong! Think I was just a lil nervous and used the tape when I didn't really need it. Thanks for your help!
  3. I've got 6 heads, and already bought 6 .370 shafts haha, so I guess I'll try the shim route. Do you have experience with them? I've heard mixed reviews
  4. I've designed my own putter, and had it CNC milled. It's freaking gorgeous, and I'm obsessed. It has a flow-neck design, and unfortunately, the diameter male section that goes inside the shaft is just slightly too small for the .370" shaft it's used for. I've tried putting tape around the tip before inserting in the shaft, and it seemed to work, but only for about 2 hours of use, then the head came loose again. I'm using a lot of epoxy with glass beads, but don't want the putterhead to be wobbly or come loose. Any suggestions as to how to make it work? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Chris Tecca Orford, NH Taylormade M6 9 Handicap Low 100s swing speed TSi3 - 10.5
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