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  1. I honestly don't think some of the junior sets are that bad. Obviously worse than the top of the line equipment but other than the driver I liked the USKG Tour Series set that I played as recently as 5 years ago. The Cobra Jr driver worked well for me to replace the USKG driver, and I just put a regular flex shaft in it when the jr shaft became too whippy. I still think the irons and wedges from USKG are really good for the price, and have light enough shafts and swing weights.
  2. I agree with this, I think dispersion is probably most important out of the numbers you can get because distance is not too important on irons.
  3. If price is not a big issue, I like the RXS ball a lot, it spins enough around the greens and seems to go a little further, at least for me, off the tee box.
  4. I would say you should play different courses unless you are a member of a country club.
  5. I didn't mind that much about leaving the pins in until I was playing in a tournament recently and had a ball bounce out of the cup on a three foot putt. Now if I'm allowed to take out the pin inside about 15 feet I will.
  6. My goals: Get to a +2 handicap from scratch Get swing speed above 105 from 102 Have 3 or more tournament rounds in the 60's
  7. I've never seen a Scotty like that. You could contact Titleist to ask them if it was real with the serial number.
  8. I usually remember my really good and really bad shots, not much else
  9. Sticking with Bridgestone RXS, might switch to XS because my swing speed is about 102, close to the 105 mark.
  10. Just my opinion, but I'd rather buy a previous model of the ball you play unless you played the Nike, it would probably be about the same price if the ball is not already out of stock.
  11. I would go 50/54/58 or 50/53/56/60, having a 52 degree would have weird gapping.
  12. I don't think they are overrated, they probably are just not for you. For example with me, the M5 might have been the best driver of that year, but I couldn't hit it as straight or as long as the driver I had at the time.
  13. The new Callaway stuff looks nice, and the SIM 2 performed really well when I hit it. I might just get the Epic Flash though to save some money
  14. I will agree that Kirkland golf balls are nowhere close to something like a pro v1 for many reasons, I just don't trust used golf balls because they could have been sitting in a pond for a while or something like that.
  15. If you are looking for premium balls on a budget, I would suggest Kirkland Signature golf balls, I am not sure what the compression is, but I would trust them over used golf balls and they are $25 for 24 golf balls, so a dollar a ball
  16. Vokeys, still the best wedges in my opinion and hold their value more for resell
  17. I still use my 3 wood a lot but I am starting to use hybrids more.
  18. Yes, the range ball will go much shorter, I think below 80 degrees it is 1 yard for every 4 degrees cooler
  19. I would buy a sleeve of the golf ball I play, there has not been many times this year where I lost 3 or more golf balls, and if there was nobody behind me, I would be walking along the woods line looking for some lost golf balls in case I did lose three.
  20. When the driver breaks or you want new technology, then you replace it. Drivers don't really wear out like wedges or golf balls do.
  21. 1. I would say Taylormade has been the best driver brand overall, and I have heard that PXG drivers are not good, but whatever you are going to buy, test first. The M5 is a great driver, but for me, it was going much shorter and less accurate. 2. No, the softer shaft might make the dispersion worse though. 3. It depends, you could also just put a lighter weight in the head to decrease swing weight though.
  22. A realistic one for me is Wolf Creek or Chambers Bay, I think both are public courses.
  23. My Dream Bag: Mavrik Driver SIM Max 3&5 Wood SIM Max 4 Hybrid T100 5-PW SM8 50, 53, 56 Wedges Spider X Putter Tour B RXS Ball
  24. I would say Mavrik driver, SIM Max 3 and 5 wood, SIM Max 4 hybrid, P7MC irons, SM8 wedges, Spider X putter, and Bridgestone Tour B RXS ball.
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