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  1. It's time to blow out some shafts. Please let me know if my prices are off. Shipping is to CONUS only. I accept paypal, and CASH IS KING!!! Thank you for looking. 1. TaylorMade TP REAX rombax 75 Stiff – TM tour velvet - 42” $35 2. KBS Tour Taper Tip 3 iron shaft RAW – 40.5” $15 3. TaylorMade REAX 50 Stiff (burner) NDMC black and red – 43 7/8” $15 4. Graphite Design YS-6+ stiff, tip cut for Titleist bore thu 43” $15 5. UST V2 86 X-stiff tip prepped, never installed – 46” $40 6. UST V2 fwy 92 – Xstiff NDMC blk/Red - 42 ¼” $30 7. TaylorMade Diamana 65 X-stiff NDMC blk/ylw – 43 3/8” $50 8. UST V2 76 stiff Ping tour wrap grip – 41.5” $30 9. Graphite Design YS-6+ stiff, tip cut for Titleist bore thu 43” $15 10. Cleveland Fujikura 55 Reg. – 42” $10 11. Cleveland Fujikura 60 stiff – 42.25” $10 12. TaylorMade TP REAX rombax 75 XStiff – TM tour velvet – 43 3/8” $35 13. Dynamic Gold X100 never gripped (3) one w/o label – 33.5” $10ea. 14. Rifle 6.0 NDMC blk/Red - 33 3/8” $10 15. Cleveland Fujikura (hybrid) 83 stiff -38.5” $10 16. Project X 5.5 taper tip PW, butt trimmed – 37” $10 Golf Clubs 1. Titleist Vokey Oil Can 60* wedge. Tour Issue. Wedge flex shaft, flame finish. Head is showing a little rust, but the groves a AMAZING. Face looks super clean. $85 2. Callaway FT-3 8.5* UST V2 76X. STD length, NDMC Blk/Red grip, w/ headcover - $85 3. Cobra X-Speed 7.5* “long Drive, Driver” UST LD-4 V2 XX Tour Wrap. 48 inches just a fun club. Great shape, normal wear. $85 (PENDING) Again, please let me know if my prices are off and please feel free to email any offers. Shipping is $8 if you buy one or all 18. Deals can be made for multiple shafts. I'm not 100% sure on tip sizes. All sales are final Thank you for looking!!
  2. Thank you for that post. Let me clarify my thoughts. I felt that your comments had no fact base and were strictly assumptions and personal feelings about the products. Personally, I have my company that I follow and play. That being said, despite past relationships with a certain vendor, I would never "bad mouth" that company, or any other for that matter. I see equipment on this and other sites that I don't like the looks of, but I would never speak ill of that company or speak in terms that I have no information about. In fact, I doubt that I would even comment. I guess I don't understand why people feel the need to be negative. A little back ground on me… I currently am and have been in the golf business for over 15 years. I do not consider myself an expert, as I feel that I am always learning. I am also a PGA member.
  3. I'm not sure what my employment has to do with anything with what I post here... I am VERY familure with Mr Wishon and the internal workings of clubs heads. The information that I am giving is based on testing, both personal and professionally. Dispersion is tighter and longer with "composite" products over non-composite. At 45 inches 200g heads equal out between D0 and D3. So using a lighter, stronger material, you can extend the club to 46 inches and still have a swingweight that is not super high like some manufactures have... I understand that you may not like a company or it's products, but why make erroneous statements?
  4. Once again... Close but only half correct. Using a lighter material allows the designer to move more weight around the insides of the club head. This accomplishes two things. 1. the ability to adjust the CG more specifically within the club. 2. the ability to move weight to the parameter of the club head. Anytime you can move more weight to the parameter you increase MOI. The MOI of a Composite head is higher than an all Ti head. Thus making it more forgiving. The head is also lighter; not 200g. This allows the manufacture to increase the length and maintain a lower swing weight. So companies just add length and keep the same head weight, giving the clubs swing weights of D7 or higher. I've always been a believer in getting the information directly from the horse's mouth rather than making wildly speculative assumptions about a something that you truly have know knowledge about.
  5. Have you ever tried asking, or are you just shotgunning answers to polute the boards?
  6. I think that the point that you are missing is Miss-Hits. "Fusion" driver are more forgiving. Most poeple don't hit the center of the club face, and can use every advantage that they can get. Moving the center of gravity affects spin so by moving it further back and away from the face, you are helping to create a higher launch angle with less spin. This is a good thing for the majority of golfers. I can't tell you how many people that I've worked with that have no clue in terms of loft. They're hitting a club with 9* of loft when they should be in something close to 11. Fact of the matter is this. Steel is better the wood because it's more forgiving. Ti is better than steel, because it's more forgiving. Composite is better than Ti because, it's more forgiving. If a company could make a club that you could hit anywhere on the face and it would go 300 yards and straight 80% of the time, but was 47" long. EVERY SINGLE person on this site and any other, would buy that driver.
  7. I'm not sure where you got this information... There is NO fiberglass in this club Why would they EVER put a lot of weight on the toe??? More weight on the toe equals a wide open club face... That doesn't add up... The last few drivers that Callaway have put out have had chemically milled faces, not cast. And I have NO idea what you mean by "turning a wood into an iron". I'm just lost on that one... I would be SHOCKED if this clubs was more than the FT-iZ...
  8. Good guess, but not quite correct. Rather than laying up carbon fiber in sheets and impregnating it with resin like your typical carbon fiber manufacturing, Forged Composite uses a paste of fibers (500,000 turbostratic fibers per square inch) mixed with resin that is squeezed out to make almost any shape. Since the fibers aren't oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is strong in EVERY direction, while remaining light. So you have something that is stronger, yet uses less material and weighs less. Also, no plastic is used... This process is new and has not been used before in any other sports car or golf equipment. The process and the material itself was developed this year at U-Dub...
  9. So you would rather have a company fail and go bankrupt so you can pay $399 for a driver then move to Mexico so they can save some money that could help protect the cost of the product that you purchase? With China's prices going up, companies are going to have to find other ways to protect the cost of the clubs that you buy. I see them making this move to protect the consumer. They way that things are heading that driver is going to cost you $899 in five years. Change is needed.
  10. So let's say that they do purchase Callaway... Wouldn't it be a conflict of intrest to stock other companies in the store? If I buy a major company, I have a vested intrest in that company and would want it to produce to my bottom line. I couldn't in good faith sell the competitions equipment in my stores. To me that doesn't sound like a good plan if I'm Dick's. Yes they have purchased smaller companies, but that's the point, they are small, failing companies. Callaway is a far cry from a small, failing company...
  11. I think it was about 2 years ago now that Ping moved its facility to ... Mexico. China is getting way to expensive, I think that you'll see a lot of companies moving to Mexico; and not just golf... Callaway still makes it's golf balls in the US.
  12. I still compare this to Best Buy purchasing Microsoft.
  13. GM may have been a bad example. I'm sure there are some on here that know for sure...
  14. So let me see if I can sum up your thinking... 1. A company is showing increase in sales. 2. Dominating on Tour with Odyssey (12 wins), the driver and Major victories. 3. #1 iron in golf for the last 13 years And yet they are in a posistion that they need to be sold? Why Dicks? Why would a sporting goods company that sells deer urine want to purchase a MAJOR golf equipment manufacture? To me, that's like saying Nike is going to purchase Heckler & Koch and get into law enforcement. As far as rumors go, this one is WAY out there. I see Callaway like Ford or GM. They aren't going anywhere.
  15. It's funny that 3 of the 7 brands that you mention were purchased by Callaway! Again, Callaway is a GLOBAL brand and in my mind considered one of the big three. The companies that have fallen did not have as strong of a foot-hold in the market as Callaway currently does. Maybe they did at one time, but at the time of there collapse, they were no where near the powerhouse that Callaway is right now. And by the looks of it, they posted slightly better numbers than they thought, and improved over last year... Still think they'll be sold? http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSSGE66R0MF20100728
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