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  1. Yep. Whenever I've had issues, good quality white medical tape has worked better than anything else.
  2. These are very basic steps to try before moving to anything drastic. If you don't already do so, use some alignment aid on the ball to line up with your intended line, then set the putter square to that line, then set your feet square also. Most people who line up badly don't even know it. It looks square to them even if it's way off. They think they are hitting the ball offline when it's going right where they are aimed. (The alignment aid has to be definitive... straight and dark. I've had friends use markings that are not suitable like the Titleist logo that simply don't lend themselves to an unnambiguous line.) Whether it's a full swing or a putting stroke, in my experience, the biggest culprit in an open face at impact is tension in the arms and hands. Make sure you have a light grip and the arms are loose and fluid. Squeezing and tensing up makes it impossible to release the clubhead. Once all of this is accomplished my last thought is always, putt it like you don't care. Your life isn't going to change based on whether that putt goes in or not, so let your body do its thing.
  3. D Wilson 3w, 5i-gw PXG 5w Cleveland Sw, Lw Mizuno P Scotty So 5 brands
  4. As a retired math teacher, I love your post. I will point out just one thing... I play Wilson 50 elite and vice drive at about 1 dollar per ball. Cost is not the determining factor, however. The low compression is the reason I went to them. It has done wonders for my arthritic and diseased joints. The part I didn't expect is that my handicap and my game, especially my short game, have improved quite a bit since the switch. In fact, before the current malady and associated medication screwed it up, I was headed for the lowest handicap since my 20s (I had snuck back under a 4), and I just turned 60. All I'm saying is if you haven't tried different types of ball- if you just take for granted that the more you spend the better the ball- if you immediately discount entire classes of ball because you read that some so-called expert said urethane is better for everyone- then you may be missing out on the ball that best suits you and your game.
  5. And I'll leave it at... comparing my game or yours to the tour is an exercise in futility. They are not even remotely similar. I believe those balls are best for players at that level/swing speed/ability to control spin. Many, if not most, amateurs do not benefit from them. Probably why they are often (including in your comment) referred to as "tour balls."
  6. I guess I have to explain. You see, I cleverly turned around your insult in calling people clueless lemmings, and applied it instead to people like you, who believe that urethane balls are inherently better for all players all the time. You jumped Carlh earlier, asking him if he had "tried them all" when he simply expressed his opinion like most have on the thread, and now the attack on dabigkahuna because you didn't like his take on the question. How about sharing your own opinion in civil terms without putting anyone else's down like virtually every other poster on these forums? Maybe reread before you post and check for snark before hitting submit? Not counting on it, though, there are trolls on every forum.
  7. It's not your different point of view, it's the amount of snark you level at people in expressing it. You make it personal, then express surprise when people take it personally. And just to clarify, you mean like the "clueless lemmings" who automatically assume anyone not playing a premium ball is somehow beneath them in intelligence and golf acumen?
  8. I hope you at least told them how it was supposed to work. I'd feel very guilty letting them pay otherwise.
  9. You're singing my song. So many players, and MGS for that matter, claim "premium" balls are best for every player. In my experience, it's simply not the case. Virtually everyone I've gotten to try lower compression 2 piece balls has either benefitted or seen no drop off. I'm not sure if there's actually a stigma switching, but there's certainly a snob appeal to spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that's not helping you.
  10. Sounds like you play with a good group of guys. If everyone were that considerate, the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, the asshats of the world are lurking everywhere, just waiting to get their jollies making someone else's life miserable. Too many people find it really funny sticking it to their "friends" and sticking them with a huge bill on a day that should be nothing but fun for them.
  11. And you shouldn't have to. Your choice. The question was whether you should buy or others should buy for you. I simply said that if it's going to go one way or the other, it's not going to change direction at this point just because a few people want to say "not fair." Nobody can be forced to follow a tradition they don't care for, nor should they. Personally, I was such a newbie when I made my first hi1 that I didn't even know about the tradition. My second was made with a traveling foursome that needed to get home, so I got off cheap with a round of beers. Nobody should be put on a situation where they are paying more for their ace than they can easily afford.
  12. All good, and I agree that nothing should be accepted at face value. I don't always see that here. I'm amazed when comments after an article will say... I've been doing X for twenty years, but after reading this, never again. Sorry, but if you've been doing it for twenty years and haven't noticed a negative effect, why would a single recommendation from a website change your mind? Are you that unobservant that something that has hurt your game for twenty years just happened to elude your notice. Perfect example is MGS' article regarding scuffed balls. They claim that a moderately scuffed ball can go 40 yards offline and lose massive distance. I've played scuffed balls forever (and shot par or better with them numerous times) and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if they went 40 yards offline or flew a club or more shorter. I've seen golf ball executives talk about how it's silly to remove a ball from play for anything less than serious damage. And yet the comments afterward were filled with those swearing they would be disposing of balls showing any sign of damage from that point forward. Sorry, I'll trust my 40 years of experience, not some ridiculous claim of guaranteed OB shots of I dare to play a ball with a dime sized scuff.
  13. Not sure why so many on here feel the need to leap to the defense of MGS whenever there is the slightest criticism. I wouldn't be here if I didn't appreciate their work, but the site is not perfect, because nothing is. Pointing out flaws is not an indictment of everything they do, it's a hope that it can be even better. Existing in an echo chamber where everyone praises and bows at the altar of their golf equipment omnipotence can easily lead to an arrogance, a "how dare you question our conclusions? You'll take the information we supply and like it" attitude that may very well have led to the comment that started this thread.
  14. The most recent example was the conclusion that matte balls are terrible especially when wet. I don't recall seeing a single piece of data provided by MGS to support it.
  15. Which is the data that is actually interesting. You seem to know a little about statistics, so you know that with large sample sizes, "significant difference" (statistical) can be achieved with miniscule actual differences. Doesn't help me to know that there was a "significant" difference between 2 clubs with thousands of shots. The part that is interesting is knowing if that difference was 12 yards (real world significance) or 1.3 yards (who really cares). That is the data we are often not given or have to dig for on MGS. Most of the yt guys show you this, side by side, immediately. It's not hard to do and it's not much to ask.
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