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  1. In general it's your stroke, not putting stats, that would determine the best type of putter for you. If you are straight back and through, a face balanced mallet should be a good fit. A rounder stroke usually works better with a blade with some toe hang. Also, a short choppy stroke usually doesn't work well with a mallet. I finally got a friend with a stabby stroke into a blade and his putting had improved tremendously.
  2. Love the vice drive and the Wilson 50 elite.
  3. They are fine if you play basic shots with your wedges. If you play shots with a wide open face or other manipulations, you probably want to stick with the grinds you are used to. Solid clubs but not a whole lot of flexibility if you are really versatile with the wedges.
  4. Just train yourself to take one yard strides and pace it off. It's not hard. All golfers used to know how to do it before gps and lasers.
  5. Totally agree!!! Karma grips are as good as any and very affordable. Sizes and colors are available as well. If you haven't tried them, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  6. My apologies for the confusion. You didn't misidentified, I was answering a question you asked someone else. Just trying to be helpful. Hope you're friend has the same outcome I did.
  7. I'm not eatmydivots, but I got my set about two months ago now-- 2* upright, 1/2 " shorter than their standard, stiff steel. I have a 95 mph driver swing and I'm almost 60. What I saw on the launch monitor at the fitting was true. I'm 15 to 20 yards longer than my previous set (TM RBZ) throughout the irons with similar dispersion. They launch lower and hotter, but release and run are very similar to the old set, especially from 7-gw. Gaps are very consistent at 10 yards except it's 15 from gw to pw. The scores haven't changed much... I'm still a 6, but golf is a lot more fun not feeling like I have to kill the ball with every iron swing to get the ball to the green.
  8. How are you controlling distance on pitches, chips, and putts? If you are taking a long backswing and trying to adjust how "hard" you swing, I think that is much harder to do for most golfers. For most, distance should be controlled by adjusting the length of the backswing and follow through. In general, the shorter the swing, the smaller the misses will be. Just be sure to keep a smooth tempo. Shorter doesn't mean quicker. Also, most players benefit from focusing more on the big muscles with shorter shots. If you are using a lot of wrist/ hand action, you are again risking bigger misses. You will find that less wrist and hand action will usually mean playing lower shots that release more. As long as you are not flopping over a bunker, leave the high shots to those with the serious touch needed to play them. Clearly, when you are missing the green so often from such short distances, you need to go with more conservative shots that reduce the size of errors. There is nothing wrong with getting the ball on the ground and rolling as quickly as possible. It may not look as pretty as the high flyer or spinning stopper, but it's a far more effective way to play for most golfers. And contrary to the opinion of some on these threads, you can shoot low scores this way. I've been as low as a three and in single digits virtually my whole adult life, and I much prefer the ground game whenever possible.
  9. I agree that people take too long, but disagree with the feel part of it. Short game is all about knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with each type of swing. Shooting the distance is a must and only takes a second. 48 yards=1/2 swing with a sand wedge. That'll carry exactly 45 yards for me and release another 1 to 3 yards. Eyeballing and feeling the shot is a recipe for a very mediocre shot.. at least for me. Since I took the new approach, I get up and down more than pretty much anyone I know.
  10. Sure doesn't look like it. They don't even use the same type of wrench. Three tong vs five.
  11. Layering is definitely the way to go. If you can combine it with walking instead of riding, playing in the cold really isn't that bad. If it is below 45 or so, I will not play if I can't walk. When I walk, three layers and I'm good to go as long as the greens aren't frozen. For those of you who can walk but choose not to, you're really making cold weather much worse than it has to be. My layers for cold are a lightweight long sleeve shirt, a heavier golf pullover or fleece, and a light windproof Adidas climaproof quarter zip jacket. Keeps the wind out and the body heat generated by walking in.
  12. I was about to insert a 5th wedge between my 56 and the gw (48*) that came with my new clubs. I have always avoided full swings with wedges, and there was quite a gap between these two clubs. While looking for a wedge to fill the gap, I experimented with a full swing with the 56. Lo and behold, that swing with that wedge filled the gap perfectly, and I'm actually hitting it very accurately. I'd always hit only 1/2 and 3/4 swings with clubs shorter than pw, but this one certainly works. Live and learn.
  13. Agree with the desire for more match play. It's the most exciting form of golf. But TV doesn't like the possibility of all the big names getting knocked off early. Another argument for majors is that they are really the ONLY thing that matters when it comes to being an immortal. Case in point.. Tom Kite... One of, if not the, top player in the world for most of a decade and the top career money earner in the pre tiger era, and most younger fans have never heard of him. Tournament wins don't matter when it comes to immortality, and neither does performance in team events (again, how many younger fans could even identify Colin Montgomery). Only one thing matters... Majors. It's why no player should even be considered for player of the year of they didn't win a major that year.
  14. Thanks for your help... never heard the term before. Don't like it.
  15. Absolute no brainer... major. Who's record would you rather have, tiger woods or Sergio Garcia? Tiger was mediocre in the team events, but I'll take his 15 majors over Sergio's stellar team record and 1 major any day. And I'd take Stewart Cink's one major over Colin Montgomery's hero ryder cup status and no majors as well.
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