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  1. Jason Matkowski, Manassas, VA ~20 handicap, Right Handed Would like to try the Hybrid or the 3 wood in X stiff flex. Hi Guys I'm in fairway wood/hybrid purgatory right now. I have an old rawlings brand 4 wood, regular flex, that I hit out of light rough and a Slazenger 3I regular flex hybrid I've been using in a variety of lies. I'm 6'3 and have a high swing speed, use a X stiff Titleist 909D 8.5 driver right now which works well for me, but I need to make some changes for shots off the deck over 220-225 where I hit my 4i. Thanks, Jason
  2. Jason Madkow Manassas VA Titleist 909 D2 8.5 Deg. X Stiff ~20 Handicap ~115mph would love to review the TSi3, thanks guys love what you do!
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