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  1. Totally understand and you make a great point. Will try and experiment some more with different things and see what works.
  2. Thanks. I agree. I think that this grip change has potentially opened up a can of worms to other swing "issues" I have. Not finishing the swing is something I definitely think might be causing the slight L to R movement. I almost have to force myself to corkscrew in a way on the down swing to get back to square.
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with playing a cut. In fact I normally set up driver for a cut from years of baseball. I should have mentioned that I have been playing a slight draw with my irons until I made the change in grip to avoid excess movement and wear on the palm of my glove. Obviously any changes to grip are going to take some getting used to and can't be done in a vacuum, so are you saying to try and adjust the bottom hand to be weaker now that I've move my left to a slightly stronger position then it had been historically?
  4. Wanted to ask another question on this. I recently have started to change my grip to reposition the club more in the fingers of my left hand (top hand, I'm RH) to follow Mark Crossfield's video from above. My right hand is slightly stronger on the grip. In my range sessions recently when working on the improved grip, I'm seeing that my shots are leaking left to right, like a baby fade, and also somewhat ballooning on my hybrid and 4/5 irons. Most shots are 5/10 yards right of target line and it is only when I try to actively turn my hands over on downswing/impact that I am straight. Anyone have any advice on if I'm doing something wrong, normally with my old grip and having the grip more in the palm of my left hand I don't have to try and turn it over. Do I just need to be stronger with my right hand with this new grip? More wrist action on the swing? Also anyone have any tips to relieve left forearm tension when changing to this grip? Thanks!
  5. Thanks appreciate the video link. Will check it out.
  6. I think if you look back in the comments here someone was saying that they are seeing more ball speed with the yellow over the white, but that contradicts what you are seeing.
  7. Yes, I have always worn them out in that spot. Any idea what the fix might be?
  8. Hey everyone, Wanted to ask this question and see if anyone can help me figure it out. This is something that I have thought about for a while now but never actually asked or done anything to address it. My question is as follows: When I get to the top of my backswing and start my transition into the downswing, it feels as if the the butt end of the club grip is moving/rotating in the heel of my left hand (I'm right handed, so this would be my top hand on the grip), does anyone else have this feeling? I don't actively try and rotate the club or my hands to make sure the club head is neutral at the top of my swing, but should I try to do it more in order to feel more in control of my grip? My typical grip is slightly strong and I've never had a lesson before. Am I gripping the club too close to the end of the shaft and should I choke down more? When I try and keep my hands stiff and not allow the club to rotate I usually end up with some type of cut or fade, but I feel very stiff throughout my entire swing when I try and do this. Should I try adjusting the grip and how the club sit in my top hand? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need me to provide more information to better clarify. Thanks!
  9. Awesome thanks everyone for the input! Really appreciate the feedback. Going to buy a test pack and see for myself.
  10. Makes sense. With my 110 swing speed I'm sure that distance variations are most likely immaterial, especially once you get further in the bag too. Guess it will just come down to sound/feel preference and if I have a preference of one vs the other.
  11. Do you think the distance with the X is enough to warrant using it over the Black? I know "harder" golf balls go further typically but if its a matter of the X giving me 15 more yards off the tee vs the Black then I might have to consider going with the X.
  12. What about distance? Still the same between the 2 or is one longer than the other?
  13. Has anyone had any experience playing the MTB Black vs the MTB X? On Snell's website they say to play the MTB Black if you normally play a Pro V1 instead of a Pro V1X because of the softer feel. I'm a 10 hdcp and play the Pro V1 over the Pro V1x, but the metrics and results of the MGS test for the MTB X are hard to deny, so I'm just curious if people are getting the same or similar results with added yardage and low driver spin with the MTB Black when compared to the MTB X. If both golf balls are the same in terms of distance and low driver spin, then I guess it just comes down to how much spin do you want and do you want softer feel compression vs slightly less. I should probably buy a test pack and try for myself, but wanted to reach out first and see what other members were experiencing between the 2 balls. Thanks!
  14. Jake/ Ashburn, VA 9 (if Wides) 9.5 Medium Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Comfort and stability
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