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  1. I'm looking for a high class practice mat for my garage. I hit about 50-70 balls a day so I need something that will hold up.
  2. Forged and feel so so nice :-)
  3. Today I picked up my new toys a custom fit set of Wishon 555C-M Combo set. Took them to the range to day and it was amazing. Playing my first round with them sunday.
  4. I was debating this same thing. I ether 47,51,55,59 or 47,53,58. I think I'm going to go 3 wedges. I tend to over think things from time to time and have less wedges keeps mevout of trouble.
  5. Update after selling off some junk from my basement I'm ordering the set and will post pics when I get them.
  6. P.S. He also recemmoned bridgestone B330 tour rx golf ball and gave me one to try out. I went our yesterday and played two balls every hole ProV1x and the B330 alternating witch I hit first and with the B330 I was 1 over for nine with zero gri 8 up and downs wit the ProV was 8 over. I was consistently longer and missed in better spots with the B330 I'm glad I have not made my golf ball purchase for the season yet B330 tour rx is my new ball.
  7. Fitting ended up costing $95 with tax We did hit balls outside to see ball flight but not off grass wedges yes how they would fit into the set Long game no that is a different fitting
  8. Today I went in for my fitting at McGolf in Waverley Ohio. The fitting started out by filling out a questionnaire with basic information age-30, Hight, 5' 9", weight 165, nest was information about my game, how often I play, how much I practice, if I take lessons, will take lessons and such. The next part of the questionnaire was about my preferences for irons. forged or cast, offset or no, head shape, and what the longest club I hit with confidence is. While I was filling out my paperwork he was measuring my current setup. what we discovered was my current set (cleveland cg red PX5.5) were all over the map. Some shafts specked out to 6.5 and others to 4.25 and my 4 loft was WAY off . We next moved to the hitting bay. We used a launch monitor for data and video for swing positions. After warming up I was handed different length 5 irons with impact tape on the face. We were using them to find the right length for me. "If we can get you make consistent contact with a 5 iron then the rest will fall into place" after taking 3 swings with 5 different 5 irons starting at 37 and working up to 39 at .5 inch increments we found I made the best contact with 38.5 inches. We then hit off a lie board to see what lie was optimal for me. We then moved to the range and hit some to see ball flight. I was getting a nice ball flight going from right to left. After watching my ball flight and he said to me " I have a club your going to love" and he came out with a Wishon 555c 6 iron with a KBS Tour shaft and boy was he right very workable and felt amazing. The next head was a Swing Science forged 6 iron with a Riffle shaft. It also felt good but not as nice as the Wishon. The last head was a Wishon 550M 5 iron with a KBS Tour and it felt like butter in my hands. He added that we could do a combo set of 555M/CB if that was something I was interested in. Next we moved back to the launch monitor to collect some data from the swing science and the Wishon clubs. I hit the Wishon consistently better than the Swing Science and they felt so so very good. We moved to the grip counter next and found that my current grips are too small and that i should be using a mid sized grip. My hands sweat a lot when I play and I i'm currently using Golf Pride Dual Decades so we decided to stay there. His recommendation was for Wishon 555c 4-6 Wishon 555M 7-GW all with KBS tour 4.75-5.0 flex Lie angel of 61 degrees on a 5 iron at 38.5 inches of length mid sized GP dual decade white. I walked away with all my LM information, Swing Pictures, Current specks of my gear, and the recommendations on where to go from here. Over all I was very happy with the fitting and impressed with the serves. I have been bit by a bad fitting before and this experience has restored my faith in the serves. Now all I have to do is save my pennies and sweet talk my wife :-)
  9. So far their customer serves has been amazing. I sent them an email to schedule my fitting and got a response an hour later. They were out of town and asked for my phone number and said they would call when they got back and sure enough I received a call today and I scheduled my fitting for next week wednesday. Then my wife said why don't you try for an earlier time so I called back and rescheduled for tomorrow at 4pm. But i agreed to that time without checking my wife's calendar and promptly called back and we were back on for Wednesday. About 4 hours later I received a call saying that they just had a cancelation and wanted to known if I wanted to come in tomorrow at 10am. So we are on for tomorrow and I'm very excited
  10. Nope I'm headed down to McGolf in Waverley Ohio.
  11. I'm a long time lurker here I love this forum. I have scheduled an iron fitting with one of GD top 100 fitters. With other members going to OEM's to get fit I thought it might be interesting to see how they compare to a component fitter. Are there any questions you would like to see answered and what should I look out for? I will post more after the fitting.
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