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  1. Thank you guys. My thoughts were similar, I haven’t gotten them yet but excited to hit them and that will be the proof I need one way or another
  2. Just curious everyone’s thoughts. I recently got fit for a new set of irons and used a reputable fitter who I have been fit before. We went through the whole process, shafts, club heads, loft, lie and when all was said and done the clubs I was hitting the best came out to be swing weight D9, my shaft is .75+ length, which I know effects that. My lie was also 4+ degrees flat. I am a bit tall and keep my hands low but just curious what everyone’s thoughts were. My initial reaction was the swing weight was very heavy and the clubs were very flat. Now I hit them wonderfully at the fitting but look
  3. Kyle East Hampton, NY Ping G410 LST 12.4 99mph TSi3
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