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  1. 4 hours ago, cksurfdude said:

    I've been taking a series of lessons at a nearby GolfTec center and have been fortunate to get paired with a really nice and really patient 😆 coach who has really helped me a LOT. Golf is slooowly becoming a lot less frustrating for me and even starting to become .. yep! .. a little enjoyable!

    I will note, though, that... 
    1. I'd also previously also thought that GolfTec lessons were a "formulaic", one size fits all kind of thing. Yes, their underlying teaching method is based upon their own research into measuring the movement patterns of Pro Tour players, but ... they do realize that not all normal human beings can move like a pro so they can adapt their lessons to the individual (and importantly keeping in mind that the individual has to be adaptable to learning and not, well, be stuck in their own ways of doing things).
    2. Your experience and perception of their effectiveness can very largely be based on the relationship you have with your coach - but then that is going to be true with any golf instructor - communication and understanding are key! If you don't like the coach at your center then request a change.
    3. Their ultimate goal is not to get you to swing just like a pro tour player but to get you to swing more alike to the movement patterns exhibited by the majority of pro tour players and ultimately to help *you* play better golf (not just better golf swing).

    The pool noodle - I've seen a bunch of comments related to this; IMO the instructor is using it as a teaching aid - just like any other golf instructor might hold up a club shaft or an alignment stick - to visually illustrate, eg., a swing path or the limit of a swing motion. If the student is performing the movement as the instructor is asking then the noodle should be taken away.

    So for someone starting out - check out the coachs' bios at your local center online and then see if you can schedule a "Swing Evaluation" with that person who appears of interest to you. This can allow you to check out both the learning center and the coach. 

    * Buyer's Tip:
    Try to time your purchase during the period when Golftec is having a sale .. they sometimes offer -15% off all "Game Plan" packages and Lesson Packs. One sale just ended in August and there may be another coming up in November (check their website for announcements).

    I agree with the tour player statement, mine has shown me a couple of them but it is more to show just what a perfect example of what he is teaching me could look like. It just shows that swing compared to mine and where I could be missing. I like it because I get a visual of what he is talking about. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I have no experience with Golf Tec and have heard mixed reviews.  For me personally, they seem to generic and textbook... if that makes sense?  I would rather work with an independent, preferably someone closer to my age, that has a solid reputation.  I think success, with whoever you choose to get lessons from, is largely dependent on the personal connection the student and coach make.  If you feel confident in what he/she is suggesting and that they are working around your capabilities, as opposed to simply replicating the textbook swing mechanics, the likelihood of success increases greatly.  Good luck.

    I have been lucky in that my coach doesn’t just use what they tell him. It’s geared towards me and I love seeing the video when I make changes or what is off in my swing. As part of my package we have also done lessons outside and even playing lessons at a local course. So I like that I’m not just stuck in a generic situation but that I have their tech to see where I am off as well.

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  3. I would say irons because once those are figured out you can fit the rest of your clubs like your wedges and woods/hybrid based on the lofts and gapping of your irons. I would probably go putter first unless you love your putter.

  4. 15 minutes ago, JFish350 said:

    Just make sure you like your coach. What I mean by like, They are willing to change tactics if you are having a hard time making the change they are looking for in your swing. the last coach I had had a love affair with a pool noodle, 5 straight lessons with that damn thing and wanted to strangle him with it. It wasn't working and I told him I didn't like it, just couldn't get used to it. He wasn't willing to change so I changed coaches had one lesson and haven't been back.

    They are good guys and like them on a personal level, but as coaching goes, it wasn't a good fit. 

    That all said I had 2 other coaches from Golftec who were awesome and helped me a ton. 

    Mine used the noodle just to give me a feel and then took it out. We use the video a lot the actual data from the monitor mostly. I’ve gotten better results each time and the drills have been good for my swing.

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    1. How long have you been playing golf? 25 years or so, just got more serious about it recently.

    2. What’s your handicap or normal score? 110-115 but taking lessons to drop that!

    3. What do you love about golf? Just trying new courses, improving each time out, new challenges.

    4. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I don’t know why others, I started watching the podcast on YouTube and found my way here. 

    5. Where are you from? What is your home course? Kansas City area. I play stone canyon mainly.

    6. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best is a lot of good courses within a reasonable distance. Worst would be weather. It goes from blazing hot to snow on the ground.

    7. What do you do for a living? I’m in sales for a technology company in the automotive industry.

    8. How’d you pick your user name? Just my favorite team.

  5. 3 hours ago, Shankdog said:

    What kind of package did you get and what was the cost?

    I wanted a longer package so mine includes 25 lessons, either in the facility or on course, 1 fitting, and 90 minutes of practice time per week. It was right around 2k.

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  6. I started at golftec 2 months ago and have loved it. My average score was 110 and I’m trying to actually get better for next season. I mesh well with my coach and have learned a ton about my swing. I have much better contact now and hit a draw instead of a slice. I also like being able to review video of my lesson in the app. The other nice thing is I can go in and practice for up to 90 minutes a week seperate from my lesson. 

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