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  1. I played the balls and didn't care for them. It seemed to me like they had no feel. I don't know where the balls are made, but Cut is a So. Cal based company.
  2. Those are beauties. I would almost not want to hit them!
  3. It's tough to find a quality ball that may feel similar for less than$30 a dozen. My suggestion would be the Srixon Q-Star. They do a yellow for sure, and maybe an orange/yellow too.
  4. Although the differences are fairly obvious, I wouldn't think you'd be getting counterfeit clubs from a store. They might be mis-runs that still passed QC and were built as a entry-price set. In the long run, if you like the feel, hit them well and they don't fall apart after 1 round, who cares!
  5. Sounds like a great experience. It'll be interesting to see how it translates on the course. Good luck and less us know!
  6. I've never heard of that sight, but if it's legit, that's a great deal. Please let us know how it works out!
  7. I play most of my rounds as a single, or end up joining a group through my round. I find the worst part of being a single is being able to get on. Recently, with all of the Covid-related changes, the courses near me would not allow walk-ons. The problem was, their website didn't allow you to book as a single. I enjoy playing by myself, but have also met many really cool people along the way. One suggestion I have, especially if you play the same course alot, is to exchange numbers with guys you enjoy your round with. This will allow you all to check-in with each other about the potential of playing together again. I've never had a horrible experience as a single, there were a couple times there were people I was paired with, that I hope I never meet again, but that's it. Good luck moving forward!
  8. Is that PXG? I've never heard of how you're talking about it, but it looks like it. Good luck with whatever you find!
  9. It looked like your wrists cocked too early, and your hips weren't clearing. I think those would be 2 good places to get started from. Without breaking out detail after detail, it doesn'look like an awful swing.
  10. Many courses will offer "perspective member" rounds. They will probably charge whatever the guest fee would be, but at least you get on.
  11. The biggest thing at the course I play mostly in regard to tees, is the placement will sometimes aim you into the woods (which border nearly every hole), and can require to really try and shape your shot. The tees aren't always set that way, but when they are at the markers, that's how they're setup. I have played at courses where the tee boxes just don't allow for much change in the look of the hole. It's not necessarily the super's fault, it's the designer's.
  12. I just bought an Epic Flash 3 Wood Japanese Version, from Callaway Pre-Owned. I really like the way I've hit it so far, but the feel is totally different than my old Taylor Made V-Steel. I recently also purchased an Epic Flash Driver and it's similar. There doesn't seem to be the feel-response from the strikes on both. The results have been great, but it's totally different. Is it just me, or have others experienced a similar reaction? My old driver was a TM RBZ Stage-2.
  13. I tried the Cut balls and didn't care for the feel. I hate paying $50 for balls, but really feel like PV1 are the best for my game. Thus, I am the ultimate ball-hawk. I think if you necessarily care, and just want a new, clean ball, for a cheaper price, Cut could be for you. As an aside, I really like their hats!
  14. Sounds great, but 8 ft gimmes? There isn't anyone I know that qould give me a putt at 8 feet. Is that term supposed to mean anything inside 8 feet is going in, like it was a gimme?
  15. That looks really difficult. I am not so sure I could do it, or if I even want to frustrate myseld trying!
  16. When they talk high toe, is that the same look as the ugly TM wedges? If that's the case, I am out just on anesthetics alone. Also, it would seem hard to control spin with so.many grooves.
  17. I really think the best thing is to just see what you think works best for you. Golf is so mental, if you think it's best, it's going to be. If you really want to test on course, go out late and hit extra shots then.
  18. I say do what works for you. No two swings are the same, and if you can be consistent with something, stick with it; especially if it works.
  19. At my ability, sometimes I feel like too much info might be a bad thing. My brain is the biggest detriment to my game. I think all the available info is really cool, but just not for me.
  20. My understanding is the X tend to fly higher. More than anything, I think you play what feels good to you.
  21. Played at Sequoia Woods County Club for the first time since the snow completely lifted. Course was beautiful, but the greens were recently aerated. They were sandy and a little hairy, but it was a great day. Had some struggles off the tee, but played to my handicap, enjoyed the beauty, and am ready to head back up ASAP.
  22. I think it's about the consistency. We can try to get the same height each time, but it's not. Those pre-determined height tees offer the same each time
  23. I find I have better control when the tee is lower. Distance is not a concern for me, so if teeing a little lower costs me a few yards, I'd rather have control.
  24. Josh Day - Modesto, CA I play once a week, or more (playing at least Sunday and Monday coming up). My phone had a tracker, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. I think it's interesting to see how much exercise I really get when I walk.
  25. Josh / Modesto, Ca 11.5 Footjoy Comfort Joy The things important are comfort, grip, look and price.
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