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  1. Now that I reread it though it looks like I'd still need to know DL, which the GC2 doesn't provide. Oh well. Can always hope they'll upgrade to the HMT or the Quad at some point.
  2. Thanks Dave. Mostly care because I like seeing/having as much info as possible. I do have a coach and we have a time set up for the 31st to work on it, though I like having somewhat of an idea before I go in. As for the math, unfortunately I'm not Euclid. Thanks for the help!
  3. Morning, I came across this article in Golf WRX about how dynamic loft and AoA factor into launch angle. The important parts are as follows: Factor in the following numbers for this shot: Launch Angle: 11.9 degrees Dynamic Loft: 13.5 degrees Angle of Attack: 2.8 degrees Understanding that dynamic loft is 85 percent of your ball’s launch angle and angle of attack is 15 percent of your ball’s launch angle, we now see that the dynamic loft of this shot hit was a touch too low. Dynamic Loft: 85 percent of 13.5 degrees is 11.47 degrees. Angle of Attack: 15 percent of 2.8 degrees is 0.42 degrees. Add those numbers up and you get 11.89 degrees for your launch angle. At my Golftec the launch monitors only measure LA and not DL or AoA. For those of you who are better at math than I am, could I somehow reverse engineer what the Golf WRX article says using only the LA to parse out AoA?
  4. Curious, what's your usual shot shape? Interested in what control issues you had with the Mavrik. Mine is def farther off the tee but struggled with the lefts for a bit after being fitted.
  5. The second time I was fitted for a driver my life (Mavrik SZ) the fitter suggested 3/4" shorter than I was currently playing. Large misses are down this year.
  6. Alex, Monona WI. Will be using iPhone XR and hitting inside. Have my own net to hit into and also would like to hit it at Golftec up against their GC2 during my practice sessions.
  7. Alex Madison, WI 9 TSi3 Marvrik Subzero 115
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