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  1. I've hit many drivers over my years. I am a 14 handicap and I have sold the house to game the Krank Driver !! Great design and performance.
  2. Yes I use them. I figure that it is an extension of the line I'm putting through. I pick a spot in front of my ball and stroke it using the line or label or marker printed on the ball.
  3. I'm really looking at the new I500 and the Apex. Can't decide. Any advice?
  4. I am interested. I hope I can finish my rehab on my wrist by May 3!!
  5. I just got the V2 ewheels by Alphard. It is totally awesome. It does everything I want it to do. Converts my push cart into a remote controlled caddy. I also have a tether that allows my bag to follow me. I walked 8.5 miles and felt great. Best investment I ever made.
  6. Memo Fontana,Ca Callaway Epic Flash 16 100 TSi 2
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