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  1. My cc experience has been quite different from the posts here. I first have had a putter fitting. Got one ordered on the Nov 8th. Received it on November 15th. Got my irons fitted on Nov 12th the majority of that order including my 5w and 7w and iron heads are in illinois waiting on nippon shafts to come in. Should be at store ready for final adjustments mid December. Did driver wood and wedge Nov. 23rd the wedges arrived from titlist today and my driver from pxg has been delayed because shaft stock shortages but will be in mid December as well. I know a lot of the custom shafts are back order
  2. Thanks. For the advice. I'll see what I can find.
  3. I haven't played in 5 years due to auto accident and surgery. So I know my swing and strength is going to be completely different. Prior to accident I used xstiff true temper shafts. With 7i club speed around 110 right around 175yds with my blades. Since I haven't played in years or even been allowed to exercise other than physical therapy I am just looking for basic regular flex easy to hit something that won't destroy my back if I catch it a little fat.
  4. Looking for a reasonable regular flex shaft for my irons. Not trying to spend more than $40 a club. It will be attaching to a set of callaway xr steelhead iron heads I picked up off eBay for about $5 per head. Going with win grips. Thanks in advance. I am planning on seeing a fitter next year to get new clubs. This set only needs to last untill around may.
  5. I'm just returning to the game after 5 years away looking for a fellow spy to check out top golf with.
  6. I still game my steelhead driver and crush it. Our highschool team was sponsored by nike the equipment guy had just left Callaway. On the 4th hole of our third round of the year the face caved in on my steelhead. They had just stopped fitting and selling them at the time. I tried 18 drivers and couldn't find a replacement I was comfortable with the nike equipment guy called Callaway and got me the last 5 steel head drivers they had in inventory fitted and ready to game. I have all 5 only ever used one. I am going to a fitter Wednesday to see about getting a whole new bag of clubs. I haven't fo
  7. I was left in comma early 2016 after an auto accident. Haven't even looked at a club since recently got cleared for light duty golfing. Basically driving range and practice putting. Hopefully I can find a solid pro that has rehabilitation experience with other athletes. If anyone has any recommendations for a pro in Vegas let me know thanks.
  8. I would prefer to never 3 putt. My driver mid to short game are good. my long irons and putting are my weaknesses. That's why I decided not to go pro and stayed amateur when I was in playing in college. My putting has always struggled when I matters not so much when practicing or playing with friends. I was the last group for winning a national title with a par 18 to go I drive the green and 4 putted to lose by one stroke. Most embarrassing moment of my life at that time.
  9. I started playing golf at the age of 8 and played all the way through D1 college playing it. Was a scratch golfer during college. Was forced to take a break for about 8 years shortly before graduation and picked it back up in 2010 5 handicap 2016 was in auto accident that keep me away from playing untill recently. Just got cleared to start playing again. I love the culture and the community of it. Even if I'm show up to the course by myself I can get added to a group and enjoy the round still. I got a notice on my phone about a titleist driver test and set up account since I'm L
  10. Onestoptech

    My pups

    Here are some photos of my dogs. Enjoy
  11. Onestoptech

    My pups

    Only one is a pitbull and she is mixed with a whippet. The others are Cane Corsi. They are italian Mastiff's.
  12. Ryan Las Vegas Yes RH The hybrid regular flex 5 Long irons looking to switch to hybrid with next set
  13. Any recommendations in the Las Vegas area for a fitter? I have been looking for an independent fitter but only can find brand ambassador fitters.
  14. I still play a callaway steelhead driver 9° Thinking of going back to my ping eye 2 bc irons. Still use a two ball putter. I hit my steelhead 275 carry and can shape it anyway I want to. Bigger/ Modern drivers I can't keep straight. I leave the face way open and the ball will slice onto the next fairway to the right. Don't have the speed for my mizuno or nike blades anymore. Trying to figure out weather I sell them and get some modern cleveland launcher hb clubs with graphite shafts or just fit graphite to my old ping eye 2's. Returning to golf after a 4 year recovery from auto accident.
  15. I currently own 4 iron sets ping eye2 bc, ping isi, nike vapor, and a set of mizuno mx-1000 irons. I haven't played in 4 years due to an auto accident in 2016. I haven't really touched the mx-1000 ever, the nike and ping are all customized and fitted. I am trying to decide if I should just switch staff on the nike or isi to graphite shaft or buy a used set of irons like the cleveland launcher hb, cobra t, or like the ping g400 untill my swing gets back to normal and I can start to use my mizuno clubs. Or sell mizuno, nike and isi to get fitted for a new set of irons. Was a d1 college golfer, 5
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