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  1. This would become a nightmare. Mainly swing weight and clubs not properly adjusted for same length. Cobra progressively alters each iron head to make swing weight and head angle correct for one length irons. They don't just slap in same length shaft with exact head design they use on normal irons. I wouldn't want to know how messed up lie and loft would get doing it the way you suggested. The one length idea is not new. It works for very specific types of players. Those who have excellent hands and can really control the club head mid swing. For most of us mortals we need the differ
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  3. Ryan Las Vegas nv I used to walk every round due to injury it's not possible for me to carry or pull a cart been really interested in this segment. I have been trying to decide if they are easily controlable.
  4. I am very impressed with the clubs. I had a couple clubs sent out for me to use during my fitting 699 pro, and the 639mb. They offer demo clubs for basically $100 refundable deposit+ sipping cost. The send out the 6 and 9 iron. They shipped fast. The 6 iron for the 699 had a damaged shaft that they offered to overnight another one unfortunately that was the day of my fitting. They had good flight and felt great. The new level 902 irons just worked better for me. I'm actually waiting for them to launch the 739x hybrid it has two adjustable weights. I'll definitely buying one of them this year.
  5. I'm looking for forged irons with stiff graphite shafts for under $300. These would be my clubs I would take on planes and travel with. Trying to put set together total around $500. Have putter and wedges sorted already. My current main set up is pxg gen 2 0811x, cobra sz 4w, 7w, Cobra baffler 5h, and new level 902 with aerotek steel fiber i95. Looking for something close to that. Thanks.
  6. I've had three great fitting experiences that each improved my game listed in original post twice by nike fitters as a sponsored team and once at club champion. The way TXG talks about it on there chanel also fits my idea of proper fitting. Golftec only had specific head and shaft combos that could be ordered OEM. When I asked if I could try a nippon shaft in a head i hit well he told me "that's not possible the only shaft available for that head is the kbs your swinging If I want to try a nippon shaft must try this other head." That is a golrified big box store fitting. Golftec isn
  7. Clearly you don't understand what I'm saying you find the shaft profile that is going to match the swing then you test a few out during those tests you figure out loft lie and length. Once you have the shaft profile, and an idea of loft and lie needed. Then you start working on finding a head that is going to give the client the look and feel they want. Then you dial lie, loft, and swing weight. It's a process. The shaft does optimize ball flight and dispersion. Almost all fittings I've done have started finding optimal launch conditions with a shaft and head close to your current clubs.
  8. That wasn't my only issue but it was a major one he didn't say we would try other shafts he said shaft doesn't matter. It's a whole package approach I think figuring out the shaft profile lets you determine length, lie, and loft. Once those are determined then, you limit the head choices that will be able to be adjusted to match the needed lie and loft. Then you test heads and make any needed adjustments once you find the head that works best for the client. Fitting should actually start at grip then shaft then head then fine tune. Not one part more important than the next it's just the simple
  9. My worst experience was with golftec in Nevada. The fitter straight up told me they figure out the right head shaft doesn't really make a difference. As soon as I heard that I couldn't get out of there fast enough. The main point of a fitting in my opinion is matching a shaft to your swing. Then taking into account the lie and loft needed, then look at heads that allows needed adjustments. The ball and shaft that match the tempo of your swing is the most important part of fitting in my opinion. The first fitting I had was in high school with the nike club reps and it was very interesting
  10. That's what I think as well about $190. I also don't think it's a true aftermath shaft those are all white with coloured graphics. This shaft is black with white graphics and it doesn't say a color just atmos tour spec 75.
  11. I've always preferred to fit to my miss hits. My first stat I always compare is dispersion once that is where I'm happy then I'll consider distance and speed. Picking up 20 yard with a 15 yard dispersion isn't picking up strokes. Most likely going to play worse on my home course (very narrow). I will give up about 2-3 yards of length for each one yard dispersion.
  12. I was in a comma in 2016 for 9 months told I would never walk again so yes I thought I wasn't ever going to play again. Considering the heads for my 6-pw cheapest I found them were $400. Could have got the nippon modus cheaper your correct but I wanted the flat black shafts with the jet black heads. That was my choice. This is also basically a starter set while I rebuild my game from 5 years of basically only getting to do physical therapy to learn how to walk again. $550 is a cheap set of irons imho. I used Club Champion. I tried kbs tour. Tried project x. Didn't hit any graphite. I was still
  13. Accra only sells to fitters/builders. They are very high quality products. What was the labor cost on the install? I thought I was going composite in my new irons but my fitter felt I could shill hit steel with the nippon modus tour 105 in Flat black. The 105 was an extraordinary light steel shaft that came in at a reasonable $85 per shaft. I also hit blades the best that wasn't even in my thoughts when I went in. Got 6 through pw with nippon shafts for $550. I'm very happy with them.
  14. I was curious if the fujikura atmos shafts are made for/OEM Shafts or actually the real deal? Got a pair I'm looking at and the guy swears that the shafts are worth $300 used wants $450 for the pair. I believe the black colored ts atoms are all oem parts. The originals are white correct?
  15. My cc experience has been quite different from the posts here. I first have had a putter fitting. Got one ordered on the Nov 8th. Received it on November 15th. Got my irons fitted on Nov 12th the majority of that order including my 5w and 7w and iron heads are in illinois waiting on nippon shafts to come in. Should be at store ready for final adjustments mid December. Did driver wood and wedge Nov. 23rd the wedges arrived from titlist today and my driver from pxg has been delayed because shaft stock shortages but will be in mid December as well. I know a lot of the custom shafts are back order
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