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  1. I have tried the black, smoke black, yellow, smoke yellow, and the green. I ended up with a smoke yellow. Also aggressive move up top when fitted. I had better numbers with tensei white but at a $150 upcharge or the smoke yellow for free. Since I am returning to golf after injuries I decided to stick to free shaft untill I am playing better. Now that my swing is smoother I hate the smoke yellow. I honestly don't like my driver in general. I have switched to the evenflow t1100 and it's better now. The difference between the hazardous line I couldn't really feel they all felt stable but the blacks felt heavy and slowed my ss to much the green was to light and I was coming over the top with it. The smoke yellow felt the best for my move from the top. So I went with it. It has a very stable feeling almost like steel to me can't really feel it load.
  2. I just went through the worst experience with my Titleist wedge fitting. I wanted to really see different turf interaction for my wedges. When I got there I was supposed to be like his 3rd fitting of the day. The guy I felt was having a really bad day or he was intoxicated on something. He left to half his gear at home and the one trackman he had with him he was building drivers for different people and not even paying attention to my ball flight. After like three swings he told me that's good.
  3. The number one important part is finding a fitter you trust. If club champion in your area is open to public and not appointment only see if you can watch a fitting or two to get an idea of there knowledge. Also look into different courses in area usually one of them with have a brand agnostic fitter with a studio and a range area usually the our door area is hitting back towards the people on the range in these situations or next to the range. They will have a little shed for hitting off both mats and real grass. I've used club champion and liked my fitter I've used there. I then found a guy at reflection bay in Las Vegas who will play a round with you then a few days later will get you on a launch monitor and dial in the suggested gear changes. So ask around at the different courses you play. Someone is b staff will know the best fitter in your area. Most great fitters I've meet will only accept clients referred by other clients. As far as buying used clubs go; be very direct and find a few sets your interested online and show those to your fitter he can build something close to it and see if any of them work for you.
  4. It's because I can't swing it's multiple times in a row also the weight of head. Like optimal average swing weight is d4-5 for a driver. Mine currently is counter balanced and feels light in hand is like d1. I'm hoping with lest shaft weight I could get the driver to the d4 range. It currently feels so light and stuff I'm not getting my timing or feeling the shaft load. I could continue to add lead tape to the head to get swing weight down. Also feeling the club load is Very important to my timing.
  5. See this is the type of swing profile I like to feel more weight in my head I figured the counterbalance has made me add so much weight to the head that. It's now almost 390g head.
  6. First of all this is awesome idea. Driver: tm burner 9' bubble shaft, calloway steelhead plus 7.5',6',5.5' used the v2 shaft untill last season then pxg 0811x gen 2 9' smoke yellow. Woods: olimar tri metal 3 wood 13', Nike 3 and 5 CPR, vapor, sq2 now cobra speed zone 4w 7w atmos black shaft. Hybrid: cobra baffler 4h Irons ping eye2 bc 3-9, Nike combo sets 3-9 from 2000-2004 each new model, back to eye2's now new level 6-pw steelfiber. Wedges: Cleveland tour action 588's 50,55,60,64 now vokey sm8 black 50,54,58 tensi red. Putter: McGregor bullseye knock off, ping answer2, ping answer bc, oddesy two ball, back to ping answer bc, oddesy triple track sven, back to ping answer bc. Nike clubs was part of college years team sponsorship so had to play them in irons and wood, I was allowed to keep using my driver wedges and putter due to poor performance off tee and around green using Nike stuff.
  7. I'm guessing with the left dash prov1x you have a high likely hood of getting it all 3 boxes I received have it. I'm also willing to send you a sleeve if your in the us and want them.
  8. I noticed it on my new left dash and wondering what it means. Anyone know?
  9. I use a glove glove shaper to keep my gloves in good shape. I also use quite expensive gloves they bionic ones due to nerve damage. They dry out good and the shaper just clips to my bag. Keep wet ones outside bag on shaper usually dry after a few holes. Then I can cycle back and forth.
  10. Hey I would recommend some of the Snell MTB balls. Everything is going to be alot firmer than what your normally used too. Wilson also makes a soft ball I haven't tried it but seems to do well in tests. Solid core balls are very firm in comparison to the early 2000's balls in my opinion. They have changed the game in a big way.
  11. Thanks for your reply. My fitter is a good guy and has been my guy since college. So he knows my swing well. I hit my current driver great about 10 times then I'm out of steam. It doesn't help I swing heavy clubs in general. My irons and wedges are d7,e2 and usually like my driver d4 area so the clubs feel heavy in hand but overall weight is pretty light do to steelfiber i95 shafts. tensi red in my wedges at 75g. I ended up adding about 25 g to my driver head to get the right feel for me in the hazardous smoke yellow. To bring it to D1 so it's just a heavy club I think total weight is pushing 315g or a little more. Dropping that under 300g is my goal with lower balance point.
  12. 5 iron just opened but it's inside a entertainment mall that is overwhelming for me to walk through and adds $50 in cost just to walk into the building. Other option is golftec but they lack shaft selection as well. I am looking into possibly flying somewhere for a fitting weekend. Would like to fly to Canada and visit txg they are so backlogged though. I also have been looking into cool clubs in Arizona.
  13. I'm doing this against my club fitters advice. I need to lower spin with less weight. I know that as my strength returns the 70g shaft will work nicely. I have been to club champion full full bag fit and I like it but just can't play as much as I would like with it after a round need couple of days to recover. As I get my stamina back the 70g will do nicely. My fitter doesn't want me tinkering but I'm a tinker. Its an experiment about what will work for me.
  14. I did get fit into the shaft I have and went back for a second driver shaft check and still wants me in a heavy shaft. Stiff flex. My issue is due to being bed ridden for 18 months plus 3.5 years of recovery learning how to walk again. Swing again everything. I don't have the stamina to swing a 70g shaft in my driver more than a hand full of times I hit it well those few times. At fitter we tried 50g stiff and spin sky rocketed they didn't have a 50g x stiff in stock at club champion. They are waiting on one
  15. Wondering if I do this switch from my 70g smoke yellow 6.0 into a lighter shaft I'm getting winded after just a couple of swings I've tried some 50g stiff shafts and they ended up adding more spin and massive control issues. I'm considering looking for a 50g shaft to lower the overall weight of my club. Currently swing weight is D1 with a midsize grip. So very butt heavy my head is a pxg 0811x with weights added to increase swing weight. Would like swing weight around d5 or d6 but with overall less weight. Any idea on a shaft that would help me?
  16. I love that driver one of my new students has one. He let me hit a few with it. It brought back memories. Loved it when new. Never bought one because I couldn't justify a new driver at the time. Might pick one up.
  17. This would become a nightmare. Mainly swing weight and clubs not properly adjusted for same length. Cobra progressively alters each iron head to make swing weight and head angle correct for one length irons. They don't just slap in same length shaft with exact head design they use on normal irons. I wouldn't want to know how messed up lie and loft would get doing it the way you suggested. The one length idea is not new. It works for very specific types of players. Those who have excellent hands and can really control the club head mid swing. For most of us mortals we need the difference in length to help use control speed and head position through impact. We don't have the swing speed to get the longer irons high enough to get them to stop properly on greens. That is why the longer shaft and heavy head has been around for so long.
  18. Onestoptech

    My pups

    Thanks. They are all brats.
  19. Ryan Las Vegas nv I used to walk every round due to injury it's not possible for me to carry or pull a cart been really interested in this segment. I have been trying to decide if they are easily controlable.
  20. I am very impressed with the clubs. I had a couple clubs sent out for me to use during my fitting 699 pro, and the 639mb. They offer demo clubs for basically $100 refundable deposit+ sipping cost. The send out the 6 and 9 iron. They shipped fast. The 6 iron for the 699 had a damaged shaft that they offered to overnight another one unfortunately that was the day of my fitting. They had good flight and felt great. The new level 902 irons just worked better for me. I'm actually waiting for them to launch the 739x hybrid it has two adjustable weights. I'll definitely buying one of them this year. They also are launching TAIII irons made in collaboration with tommy armor the 3rd. They know what they are doing and offer some very good value. The hybrid will be around $149 this year. Can put two in the bag for the price of one of the big names.
  21. I'm looking for forged irons with stiff graphite shafts for under $300. These would be my clubs I would take on planes and travel with. Trying to put set together total around $500. Have putter and wedges sorted already. My current main set up is pxg gen 2 0811x, cobra sz 4w, 7w, Cobra baffler 5h, and new level 902 with aerotek steel fiber i95. Looking for something close to that. Thanks.
  22. I've had three great fitting experiences that each improved my game listed in original post twice by nike fitters as a sponsored team and once at club champion. The way TXG talks about it on there chanel also fits my idea of proper fitting. Golftec only had specific head and shaft combos that could be ordered OEM. When I asked if I could try a nippon shaft in a head i hit well he told me "that's not possible the only shaft available for that head is the kbs your swinging If I want to try a nippon shaft must try this other head." That is a golrified big box store fitting. Golftec isn't a top tier fitter from my experience with the nevada location. Other locations maybe better. They are franchises after all. A true fitting goes through the fitters matrix of shafts and heads to suggest the best setup for the client. It doesn't say this is the options the oem offers let me order that for you at a markup. They order the clubs as components and build them to exactly the spec you need.
  23. Clearly you don't understand what I'm saying you find the shaft profile that is going to match the swing then you test a few out during those tests you figure out loft lie and length. Once you have the shaft profile, and an idea of loft and lie needed. Then you start working on finding a head that is going to give the client the look and feel they want. Then you dial lie, loft, and swing weight. It's a process. The shaft does optimize ball flight and dispersion. Almost all fittings I've done have started finding optimal launch conditions with a shaft and head close to your current clubs. After watching your metrics then comes shaft testing to get the most out of your swing. Once that's done then head is selected based off info learned during shaft selection. Then it's about fine tuning it. The reason I say loft and lie determine head selection is because if you need something like 5 toe down not all club heads will allow that much bending. It's not the final loft and lie it's guessing off of the launch monitor numbers. My point is each part is important and building from your hands out to end of club gives the fitter best info to get best fit. That's from my experience being fitted multiple times with very experienced sponsored fitters and club champion. Golftec is not a top tier fitter in my opinion.
  24. That wasn't my only issue but it was a major one he didn't say we would try other shafts he said shaft doesn't matter. It's a whole package approach I think figuring out the shaft profile lets you determine length, lie, and loft. Once those are determined then, you limit the head choices that will be able to be adjusted to match the needed lie and loft. Then you test heads and make any needed adjustments once you find the head that works best for the client. Fitting should actually start at grip then shaft then head then fine tune. Not one part more important than the next it's just the simplest way to narrow down options. Only certain pairing will work for each of your clients needs. The goal is a lower score.
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