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  1. On 11/5/2020 at 1:32 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Testers Wanted (4)

    Everyone wants more distance right! 

    Distance is created by you and the use of the ground; it’s not the club.  Consider for a moment, the club is merely an implement or conduit to facilitate energy transfer from the ground into the ball.  You, the golfer create a vertical force initiated by a weight shift followed by the downswing which sends energy into the ground (action); the ground acts like a trampoline (reaction) and sends that energy back up through your feet into your body and into the club head.  This process is called Ground Force Reaction.  SQAIRZ golf shoes with its unique square toe design, is the first golf shoe designed to more effectively and scientifically effectuate energy transfer providing more consistent ball striking and increased distance.


    Independent testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc. showed an average increase of 2.2 MPH and 8.8 yards increase while wearing SQAIRZ versus the leading brands.  For those of you who find this hard to believe, it’s based on proof not promise supported by science and independent testing.  Newton’s Third law states “If an object A (you, the golfer) exerts a force on object B (the ground), then object B must exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction back on object A.  


    Ever wonder why tour player and long ball hitters like Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas are up on their toes while making contact with the ball?  It’s because they are throwing so much energy into the ground that the return energy is literally lifting them up as that energy moves throughout their body and into the club head.  It is this Ground Force Reaction and your connection to the ground that produces distance.  SQAIRZ with its patented square toe design and wider base under the forefoot allows you to create more efficient energy transfer and increase your distance.  

    How To Apply

    This testing is open to al US Residents--whose shoe size is from 7 to 13 

    Both Right and Left foot available 😉

    Please Provide the following information

    First Name/City State. Jason  Columbus, Ohio 

    Shoe Size. 10

    Current Shoe Worn.  Puma

    What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection.   Well comfortably honestly 




  2. 5 hours ago, Lucid1441 said:

    Jason / Columbus, Ohio

    I am right handed

    18*- recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff

    18*- recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff

    Handicap 13

    I currently play a hybrid.

    :titelist-small: TS1 Fubuki 45g R Flex

    :ping-small:  G410 FW 5, 7 Alta CB R flex 

    :ping-small: G410 Hybrid 26 degree Alta CB R Flex

    :titelist-small: T100S/T200 Combo 5-7 T100S 8-P T200 TT Black Oynx R Flex

    :titelist-small: SM7 54.08 F 58.12 K 

    :scotty-small:  Phantom 5.5   35" 

    :titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



  3. Just wanted to drop some pics of my two-ball. Since I got this putter my game has only gotten better. I very rarely three putt anymore. And it's only makes it easier to line up shots with the bigger alignment sights and the hinge spring face is amazing in reducing initial ballhop on impact.20201015_064551.jpeg20201015_064612.jpeg


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  4. I decided to join because I honestly want to get better like everyone else. But I'm really starting to dial in on my game and anything that could help from the community would be great! And any feedback I can help with to help other golfers elevate their game.I just hit my first hole in one a few weeks ago. And now I have the hunger to push myself and my game to the farthest of my abilities. But I love the ball marker!20200819_083850.jpeg20200819_083837.jpeg

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