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  1. For me, +250 yds anywhere in the fairway... no complaints.
  2. I haven’t bought a ton, but I’m loving my perfect practice putting mat!
  3. Random question but do any of y’all know of a website/ Facebook group etc. for valuing Scotty head covers. I’m looking to sell some and maybe add a few. I know the prices can be all over the place and I could use a little guidance! Thanks! -Jeff
  4. Thanks for the reply GADAWG. We had a blast at Kelly Plantation! Hope to try the others one day!
  5. A group of my college friends and I are headed to the Destin / 30A area for a long weekend in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if y'all have any course recommendations? We are looking to play one nice course and one fun one (But not a cheap one with bad up keep). Any restaurant recs as well? Thanks! -Jeff
  6. Jeff Oxford, Ms Taylormade M1 12 105-112 Tsi3
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