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  1. Baltimore, Maryland Taylor Made Tour Response I’ve used top flite bombs for a long time. I enjoyed the distance off the tee but I found it to be too hard around the green and putting. If there was the distance combined with the workability I’d like green side, I wouldn’t have switched
  2. Scott Baltimore, Maryland I haven’t but I’ve been in the market for one that is portable I have space behind my house but it’s not a lot so being able to set it up and break it down easily would be great I use. LM app on my iPhone but it’s nothing like a GC Quad. I’ve been considering buying a less expensive one but it’s not in the cards currently. The app is ok but it need to be set up very precisely.
  3. Scott Baltimore, Maryland 13 wide Nike Air Zoom Precision Waterproof and comfort. Adding extra grip while swinging would be great as well
  4. Scott Baltimore, MD Cobra F7+ xstiff atmos shaft jumbomax tour wrap grip 18 111 mph TSi3 x stiff shaft
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