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  1. Thanks guys Really appreciate the positive feedback!
  2. Bag is finally complete for 21 including a Stability Shaft on the putter and a Autoflex on the driver. So pumped to play but snow on the ground. It's killing me!!!
  3. Hey guys, I finally broke down and purchased a 505 for my SZ Xtreme. I'm in the low 90's for swing speed but just started SuperSpeed training so I wanted some room to grow with the shaft. A couple questions for the group: 1) was going with the 505 a smart move? Has anyone in my swing speed range swung both? 2) any suggestion on optimum head weight for this driver paired with the 505 By the way, I got the rainbow version and my Xtreme is the Pars and Stripes edition. The combo looks sick!
  4. JonCarlo Medina, OH PXG Proto+ 14 Low 90's Tsi3
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