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  1. I recently came into a free set of Volkey SM9 wedges I won from the PGA Championship pool. I have the black, 50, 54 and 60, with the KBS shafts. Previously played the SM6 52, 56 and 60. The SM9s are the best wedges I have played. They are soft, easy to control. I can get them to stop on my courses hard, fast greens and get them to release when I need them to. These wedges have saved me a few strokes around the green side as I am chipping in 1 to 2 times a round. Anyone looking for wedges, I recommend these. I would go out and buy these now that I know how much different they are from other wedges.
  2. I play a private course. We have a standing tee time every Saturday and Sunday at 7:10. If we are not going to be there we let the pro-shop know. Our members are caring about the course and help maintain its beauty. The issue we have is we let the local high school play and they have not been replacing divots, fixing ball marks when playing. We have brought it to the coaches attention and hopefully it will be addressed. Slow play has also been a big topic this year. Rounds have started to exceed 4.5 hours on a 6700 yard course. The club president is the biggest culprit. It was taking 4.5 to 5 hours to play on a weekend when we tee'd off at 830 ish, which is why we play at 710 now. We are done in around 3 hours and then still have the whole day to enjoy ourselves. I hope they start penalizing pace of play especially in tournament play. In our club championship, it took some groups 5 plus hours to play.
  3. First Name Brad City, State Chicago, IL Current Driver in Play Wilson D300 W/ Diamana 72G S Flex Handicap 13.4 Index Swing Speed 98+ Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi3
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