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  1. Thanks everyone. Good point about shafts — the Burner Superlaunch shafts are 85g which might be lighter than I really need. A lot of good suggestions. I experimented with Cobra King F7 one length irons this summer. I liked the easy setup but disliked the low ball flight with the longer irons. I didn’t feel like I had confidence in the striking and ball flight. Maybe because they were their first generation. I also had a Speedzone one length 3 hybrid and it was the best hybrid experience I’ve had. I agree I need to find a way to get fit! Fewer options where I am in Canada though TXG is a 2-3 hour drive away, just a lot of $$ for how infrequently I get to play.
  2. I’m a high handicapper struggling with consistency (push/pull or occasionally fat) as I play <10 times per summer and rarely get out to practice, but have a solid swing speed (playing stiff shafts) and distance isn’t a problem. I have been playing TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch irons for about a decade. This summer I upgraded my woods (to Cobra F8 driver and 3-4 wood), hybrids (TaylorMade M2 3/19 and 4/22), and wedges (to Cleveland CBX2 50/54/58) all second hand. Driver was a huge success and my first upgrade (from a TM R1), the rest are recent additions so not much playing time with them. Any suggestions for irons I should look at for as an evolution from the Burner Superlaunches? Would the latest S/GI irons like T300 or G710 be a huge upgrade? Obviously more practice is what I need most, but if I can pick up some more forgiveness from more recent tech I’d like to give that a go too.
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