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  1. Fred in Cape Elizaberh Maine 10.5 Ecco, mostly - two different models, no spikes Also use Footjoys - two different models, with soft spikes, occasionally Comfortable and durable, with good traction and not too much work to clean up after play. Also waterproof when we are the dewsweepers. We walk.
  2. Fred Cape Elizaberh, Maine Titleist 915 D2, 10.5 deg, Diamana red 50 R flex, midsize Tour Velvet grip HC 13 80-85 mph TSi 2, 10.5 deg, comparable shaft to current, midsize TV grip Since I’m planning to get one with some of my winnings from this season, and since I have been a Titleist guy for years, your opportunity is too good to pass up even if I am never selected for these things (though I have done some ball testing for Titleist over the years). THANKS!
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