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  1. Yes Thanks! yup! I love my irons, very consistent with it! shooting mid seventies rn and its all good!
  2. I those are my carry distances i know this because its rainy season where i live so i dont get alot of rolls on course. With rollout my 9 goes 160 ish. My ball roll a quite a bit on greens but i dont mind it. I like the way my iron as is. I just want to compare myself to others! I was at the range the other day and saw some people with a monitor so i choose a pw and hit it. ive never had a gapping sessions before.
  3. Dispersions are tight and distances are really consistent. i can carry my 9 up to 150-155. My 52 goes about 125. I can shape it both ways but often I hit a straight shot if not a little cut but with higher lofted club its a straight shot. Does launching it higher means that i dont hit down on it as much? Is the spin rate something i should takecare of. I think X100 are lower spinned! Do you think the shaft is too stiff for my swing speed?
  4. I am currently playing x100 soft stepped in my irons. Its a Mp18- MB. I saw my stats the other day and was wondering how good my numbers are. I carry my PW 140.2, CHS 85.7, backspin is 7651 lauch at about 28.0 ball speed is 108.7. What do you think? Thanks for your helps
  5. yup as Dave said i will looking in to my path being too much in to out and see if i can change it!
  6. yes my ball go straight and curves left excessively!
  7. Its never a thing i focus on but if i go to a ladies club, d0 clubs my backswing get really fast and my tempo is off and i cant hit it well!
  8. Is there anything i could do? The people i played with today told me that i could fix this by getting more open at impact but i dont really know what to do right now :)). its controllable because i can throw the club infront of me and stop it from hook but now i cant!
  9. I used overspeed set! i will look in to that however i dont think that is the case because i only hook my long iron (i forgot to say this) (3,4,5) not even driver . I should also add that my swing weight is D1.5 and i cant cant feel the head of my irons at all.
  10. Through covid 19 i have trained and tried to increase my swing speed and has increased about 10 mph and now I consistently swing my driver about 120mph. When i gone out and played today i found that i hook every shots of my irons and I play a set of mp 18 mb with the ns pro 950 gh in regular. I am guessing that the shaft is the culprit but im not sure. Might i also add that hooking was always a problem with my iron swing but it was controllable before but now not anymore!
  11. Yessir! I will look in to those shafts.
  12. I live in Aus! Love txg. i tried to dig around to find that shaft when i saw the video. I think its in the neighbourhood of about 1500$ a bit out of my price range :))
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