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  1. i have no idea :)) then i guess the fact that the tees werent broken did not reflect my AoA. Since my launch angles are 21 ish therefore my dynamic loft is about 20~23 therefore my spin loft is more than 23 ish which means that its too high and explains the high spins. I dont think launch angles correlates to AoA.
  2. Yes generally higher than the sweet spot. Ill try to do hit less up on the ball! Is the launch minus the driver loft equals the AoA?
  3. I totally forgot about this! Its a slice on my miss hits. Otherwise im hitting a fade. I think part of it is the swing change and my ball position being too forward. I think Im coming over the top because back with the old swing and the old driver i was hitting low duck hooks. So then i gradually move the ball forward as an effort to kinda hit it higher. and i guess unconsciously starting to shift the path out to in. I also shift my grip weaker than before. Thank you so much!
  4. No it was measured on a little portable monitor that wasnt a gc quad nor a trackman. I hit up on the ball, tees are never brokens after shots. I assume its about 10 up. due to the launch minus the loft? Misses are generally high on the clubface!
  5. Yup I see, basically im compensating due to the weights being really forward in my old driver! Thanks for your helps ill look in to a swing change maybe less leaning back or something like that. Ill try to get a swing up!
  6. I dont think i can get on a professional monitor right now atleast! My weights set up are 1 most forward and 1 at the middle of the track, quite close to the other one. I just read something about ball positions to alter the launch angles that i will try, maybe bring it back a bit right now its inline with my left feet.
  7. I recently switched from an 10.5 M5 to a (10 @10.75) Tsi3 both with CK Pro orange X . However with this new driver, i am launching the ball at about 21-21 degree with ~4500rpm with ~115 chs and high 160s in ball speed. Only hitting the ball about 250 yards at most which is about my 5 wood! What can i do to change this? Is the high launch angle causing the high spin? What can i do swing wise to help this? I should add that i have been working on a swing change however i am hitting every clubs phenomenally. Thanks for your helps!
  8. Yes Thanks! yup! I love my irons, very consistent with it! shooting mid seventies rn and its all good!
  9. I those are my carry distances i know this because its rainy season where i live so i dont get alot of rolls on course. With rollout my 9 goes 160 ish. My ball roll a quite a bit on greens but i dont mind it. I like the way my iron as is. I just want to compare myself to others! I was at the range the other day and saw some people with a monitor so i choose a pw and hit it. ive never had a gapping sessions before.
  10. Dispersions are tight and distances are really consistent. i can carry my 9 up to 150-155. My 52 goes about 125. I can shape it both ways but often I hit a straight shot if not a little cut but with higher lofted club its a straight shot. Does launching it higher means that i dont hit down on it as much? Is the spin rate something i should takecare of. I think X100 are lower spinned! Do you think the shaft is too stiff for my swing speed?
  11. I am currently playing x100 soft stepped in my irons. Its a Mp18- MB. I saw my stats the other day and was wondering how good my numbers are. I carry my PW 140.2, CHS 85.7, backspin is 7651 lauch at about 28.0 ball speed is 108.7. What do you think? Thanks for your helps
  12. yup as Dave said i will looking in to my path being too much in to out and see if i can change it!
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