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  1. Make sense, if i really focus on the release, i can release the club straight and do well. But when i focus on the release, i usually get carried away from other things. I just thought that if the club/ club head is heavier, it might be easier! I just talk to a coach that i know at the range and he told me that i dont have a chicken wing, its more like i dont fully extend in the Y position .
  2. I am playing a ns pro 950gh with set of mp 18 mb. It is set at d2. My release style is kinda like Jordan Speith, although im striking the ball well, i am suffering from a chicken wing in the follow through and i think its robbing my speed. i thought about this and recently did a little experiment where i would swing a badminton racket (very light head weight), releasing it as i would. Then i taped weight on to the head and i found that it is much harder to release it like before, it almost forces me to straighten my hands through impact. Do you think this works the same in clubs and
  3. I have a question on iron shaft in the General Q and A can you help me? Thanks alot.
  4. Yup thanks for your helps
  5. theyre completely new, 4 to PW. I think its the older version. Im playing a set of Mp18 MB. These arent for me. Im thinking of flipping these
  6. I am playing a set of mp18 MB with the NS Pro 950 GH (a classified high launch and high spin shaft when i did my research) i like the feel of it and the control i get with it. However the ball flight seems really high for my liking and i think im loosing a fair bit of distance in my irons. I have my eyes on some "lower launching" shaft such as the KBS tour 90. Should i switch to a lower launching shaft? And if so what should i go with? Thanks for your helps.
  7. Ive found a set of taylormade p790 for 1000 usd should i pull the trigger?
  8. Nicee, I dont know the ball flight of my new driver tho. But from the monitor at the fitting centre, if flies lower and still as straight as the honma. I think i am more consistent with it too. The new driver erase all my left misses.
  9. I do have the heavier weight at the front. I think its just the shaft being too light and not fitted for me. Yessir ill update u guys once i get on the course.
  10. My ball with the old driver fly really high and deop out of the sky alot. With what youre saying i think i should stay with the pro v1 and try the new head.
  11. I think youre right. I got fitted 2 days ago and have not brought it out on the course yet. The monitor that they used at the centre showed me carrying about 287. I didnt trust the number tho so i didnt mention it. Thanks for your helps. Im gonna test out the AVX balls
  12. Also is it normal if the ball digs really deep in to the ground?
  13. What ball do you recommends ? I have been fitted with a sim driver with a tensei orange 60x shaft (have not played with it tho). I pretty much always catch the middle.
  14. Hi all. Recently i have noticed that my driver's ball land quite steep and when it lands it is stuck in a divot where it touches the ground and therefore getting no roll at all. Is this a technique problem or is it an equipment problem? And what can i do? I play an Honma TW747 with an 50gr SR shaft and proV1 balls. My club head speed is about 110 and i carry about 250. I think i loses alot of distance because of my ball launching very high.
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