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  1. I like the idea of a multi lie driving range. If we have any engineers in the forum, maybe they can create a driving range hitting mat that can be programmed for multiple lies. I would like to see more technology introduced into outdoor ranges.
  2. I picked up golf a few years ago as a hobby after the birth of my first child. Before I started playing, I was an avid fly angler and spent most of my free time on the water. However, after my children were born I had less time to spend a day in the mountains fishing Colorado's amazing clear waters. As a result, I decided to find an activity that still got me outside but didn't require a long drive and I can be home within a few hours. Thank you to the golf gods for showing me this amazing game. My first set of clubs were the Callaway Strata. I spent many hours at the range learning how to develop my swing through countless YouTube videos. After a year, I bought a iron set from an estate sale and bought a new driver, wedges and a putter. Within three years, I have been able to hit my irons straight and pure and drive the ball a good distance. My shortfall is my short game and course management. Because I never grew up playing golf and only picked up the game recently, I play a lot of rounds as a single. I know this was a long intro to my question, but I am curious about everyone's experience playing as a single or playing with a single. I am always conscious about not ruining my playing partners game. I try to be friendly without trying to be there new best friend, help look for lost balls, and keep up the pace of play (I am a relatively fast golfer that probably needs to slow down). Recently, I played with a single and a group of two. From the start of the round, the single was a jerk to the golf shop employees by being upset about the increase in cost. During the round, he always seemed to try to show off but failed miserably. He decided to play from the tips when everyone else was playing one tee up. His drives were all over the place and always wanted to tee up another ball. He loved to offer unsolicited swing advice and get incredibly mad at his own poor club selection or bad swings. With that said, I wanted to check with the forum about their good and bad experiences as a single or playing with a single. This will help me become a better playing partners for all those groups of three that see the dreaded single walking up to the first tee.
  3. I like to use my puttout on the practice green to setup on unique lies. This is even more true in the winter when my local course doesn't have cups placed.
  4. At what speed do you start loosing distance from a regular flex shaft for a driver? Also, a specific app for mygolfspy would be wonderful that includes all the articles, reviews and forums. Maybe include a course GPS function and develop virtual challenges/virtual tournaments with MGS members.
  5. I bought the wedges and have really enjoyed them, so much it made me pull the trigger on the balls and putter. With the putter, you really need to buy the additional weight set. I have been impressed with the kirkland golf line. For a casual player that hopes to become more regular, the products have worked for my game. I would agree with earlier in this post that the leading edges are sharp and tends to dig, but I see that as a swing problem rather than equipment.
  6. Stretching has been a substantial improvement on my overall health, game and wellbeing. I stretch every night and perform additional stretches the day before a round. Stretching has helped with stiff joints and pain, but the biggest improvement has been the substantial amount of weight I loss. But for the days that I cannot outstretch joint stiffness, I find that CBD works well. It was my father that introduced me to CBD after he started taking it for joint pain developed after beating cancer.
  7. I am all for rangefinders at PGA Tour events. I wish they would get on board.
  8. @garyt1957 While you are probably right, I don't think I will ever stop swinging for the bleachers. It is too rewarding when you connect and hit that long ball. I just need to accept that my score will never improve. However, I feel like I am getting much better with recovery shots and scrambling.
  9. It is according to what my plans are. If I am playing a round with friends, I look for a new course, i.e. limit that home course advantage. I have one friend that will only play his home course, which is due to being within walking distance and his love for drinking. However many he drinks, he knows that course better than anyone and always shoots a good score. If I playing as that dreaded single, which I do 85% of the time (I love playing the first tee time of the day), I will find a course close to home with one course being my preference as a home course. When my children get older, I hope to take more golf vacations and try to new courses. Lately, I have been getting into the architectural aspects of a golf course. With that said, I will probably join a CC when I am able to play multiple times a week. I like the ideal of a community of golf and knowing your playing partners when you walk up as a single.
  10. Thank you everyone for the information. I have been sold on the differences between athletic and golf shoes. Also, I just saw that review on Jordan Spieth's spikeless golf shoes. I have some research to do to find my next golf shoe.
  11. I wish Nike was still making golf clubs. I have recently been getting into looking for older sets to refurbish and I am always looking for Nike. When looking for a set, the best luck I had was with Mercari.com. The last time I looked I saw a RH set with both the cavity back and muscle back irons for 300.
  12. After looking at spikeless golf shoes, is there any real difference between a spikeless golf shoe and a athletic sneaker such as trail runner? All the spikeless golf shoes I come across look like a regular athletic shoe with a little more aggressive tread similar to trail runners.
  13. I have been playing for 3 years with the past year being more consistent with practicing and playing. When I first go into the game, I was always self-conscious about showing up to the course with a pair of athletic shoes. I was always under the impression that I needed a pair of golf shoes with spikes to play the game, so one of the first things I did was buy a pair of Adidas Tech Response. Although I found them to be comfortable, I still found myself wanting to wear my athletics rather than golf shoes. This was especially true when I was walking a course. Now, I barely wear my golf shoes. Instead, I opt for my Hoka One shoes as my primary golf shoe. The only time I put on my Adidas is when the ground is wet from a recent snow melt or heavy rains. I find that the spikes do help with keeping me stable, but every other time I am back into my Hoka. Although my Hoka have been great shoes for a few years, I am in the market for a new athletic/golf shoe. This time I am looking at purchasing the Hoka Speedgoat Trail Runners. I have been getting more into hiking and really enjoy the traction they provided. I even think they can replace my Adidas as an all around golf shoes regardless of course condition. I was curious whether anyone else plays primarily in athletic shoes and has some good recommendations for a shoe that can serve as that hybrid all around shoe.
  14. I have been continually working on a draw and I already had the perfect ball flight with a fade. Although key to lowering my score is not my ball flight, it is fixing that pesky short game. I need to be more disciplined at the range and quit pretending it a long drive competition. But damn it feels good to be a crusher. I guess rather than focusing on my ball flight I just need to Swing it and Ding it.
  15. I regularly use Marijuana on and off the course. I have never been a big drinker, as I tend to feel sluggish from a few beers. If you can find your sweet spot, I start to enjoy my round a lot better. I may not always play better, which I can only blame on my game. I regularly use a vape pen for ease of use and to limit the smell, since I play a lot as a single. Even as a regular user, I only take 2 hits on the course. I usually take one while warming up to let the initial high feeling settle and one around the corner. I try to stay away from a heavy Indica and usually buy a 100 stavia strain or a stavia forward hybrid. What I find is that it really calms me down and settles the nerve, plus I enjoy the euphoric feeling outside on the course. In short, I suggest giving it a try but first finding your baseline off the course.
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