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  1. Justin/San Francisco CA 85-90 mph Taylormade R15 UST Helium 4f2/Regular Flex Never played Modus Iron Shafts
  2. Justin San Francisco CA I currently walk most all of my rounds using my push cart; the Bag Boy Quad.
  3. Justin/San Francisco CA I have used a hitting net before but do not currently own one. I own the Rapsodo MLM, purchased after reading your extensive reviews.
  4. Heads up for anyone looking at the Rapsodo (as I was). I wanted to compare prices at Rapsodo’s own website vs Amazon’s prime day and not only are they selling it for $399, but they don’t charge tax! I just ordered it and everything seemed to process, and I got a confirmation. $399 OTD. Hope others can benefit from this and save some dough!
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