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  1. It depends on the irons too and how steep you are. I generally am a little steep and play forged irons. I like to check mine every month because I’m a little bit ocd about making sure that my club specs are correct but that’s just me. I would just recommend checking them every month if you have access to do so. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I just recently figured out that my irons were upright when they weren’t supposed to be. I was hitting most shots out of the heel. I got them bent to standard and it has been much better since. Another good thing to note is that if you hit off of mats a lot then your clubs might bend over time so it’s good to check the lie angle every month or so.
  3. Jack, Charlotte NC right handed 1st choice: 14* 3 wood tensei blue 70g x-stiff 2nd choice:UiHi kbs tour v stiff hdcp: 0.0 i play long irons
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