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  1. TackettPNP

    Wolf Creek

    They have some very significant deals in December, January and February and we have year round weather conditions. Wolf Creek is always in great shape!
  2. Do you still like the SIM? Very interested in how it performs for you as I am looking at getting one myself! Look forward to hearing from you!
  3. One course that has not been mentioned yet in the Las Vegas area is Chimera. Chimera is a fantastic course that is fair but very challenging. They have some of the best greens in the area and are a very good value!
  4. Yes, I would love to hear about how well it works for you!
  5. My name is Jeff and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I would love to be a tester for the Rapsodo MLM. I have an iphone 8plus that is compatible with the Rapsodo. I will be using it in both the outdoor and indoor settings as I live in Las Vegas and the weather is very agreeable year round. Also, I would be using it with 8 other golfers in our weekly group, so I would be able to track multiple uses with the device. As a nurse practitioner during this challenging time due to COVID-19, being able to be a tester would give me great joy! Driver: 12 degree TayloMade SLDR 3 Wood: 13.5 degree Tour Ex
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