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  1. @BNewton51 thank you so much for the detailed reply. Since my relative gamed this during his pro days so I suppose these will have less chance of “copy” but they have no serial number I can not get the clear proof. anyways they do look beautiful and it is shame that my golf skill is not quite there to game with these beauties.
  2. Sorry for the late reply here are the pictures your thoughts on them? @Buffly @Shankster
  3. Hi one of my family member played KPGA (Korea Pro golf) years back and he recently gave me this Nike forged blade which has nothing but nike swoosh mark on it. he told me this nike blade is special in a way that this is probably made by Japanese Iron maker Miura or Endo. No serial number on hosel and different numbering font on iron heads compare to other nike blades sold in public are the proof he says. I am not too familiar with Nike golf since they already withdraw from the market before I learn this great sport Golf :) Can someone help me understand whether this nike set is really special? thanks
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