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  1. On 12/23/2022 at 7:00 AM, ajlacombe said:

    One comment on the Graphite Design Shafts, make sure your try out different weights and flexes.  I have a bunch of these shafts and I started using the TP 50S and liked it a lot, but when I was testing them for my fairways, I had them in 60g versions and started playing with them in the driver and reducing the driver headweight a touch.

    To shorten the story, I ended up moving the SR shaft, which is Stiff-Regular at 44.5", and it was an amazing move for me.  So 50S to 60SR. The fairways ended up with their fairway shaft at 65SR. You can look at that chart and say that the IZ, DI and TP are pretty much the same, and they are not. Whether or not you can discern the differences is another story. 😀 My driver shaft is the DI.

    May I ask what your ss and tempo are? thanks....goldie

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