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  1. The best T-shirt is the one you made yourself... Make a custom T-shirt according to your design. This will be the best solution because you will save a lot of time and get exactly what you want. There are a huge number of websites that are engaged in shirt printing, so it will not be difficult to do this. Only it is worth considering that not everyone is good at this business. I have become so accustomed to this that I do not have any T-shirts from the mass market, all my T-shirts are individual, with my design. I like to put my soul and imagination into the design of my T-shirt.
  2. Thank God for Amazon, you can get anything there now! I injured my knee during the lockdown, and only walking was still a problem for me. I needed a better knee brace that will keep my knee safe. The regular ones are useless, and info from CleverWander helped me get the right one. I ordered Winzone Knee Support for $29.95, and it was a great decision. It helped me walk and recover from my injury. I had to wait for it a while because it was slower delivery due to COVID-19. I didn't mind the slow delivery as there was nothing to do for me. Knee braces help a lot!
  3. These get scratched easily... what is the best sander I can buy to do this myself? Would buying a sander even make sense or should I do this without one. I looked at some reviews about sanders online and when I looked at the prices I got surprised. You can get one for 35 bucks on Amazon. Even if I don't use it that much that is a really good price and I think I will get one. I looked a lot for videos on doing the work with sanders and when they finish it looks really nice. It seems that it is much easier to do the sanding with one. ______________________________ https://www.bestorbit
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