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  1. From my research they are around 75-76g
  2. Hey all! I'm Keith from Cambridge, ON! Just became a member at Galt Golf and Country Club for this year! Super pumped to be part of a club for the first time! I've played all around South-western Ontario though, some of the best golf out there when we get to play. Can't wait for Spring!
  3. Definitely looking to get fitted for a 3 or 4W and a Hybrid/7W after the big releases this year. Most excited to try the TSi as I was fitted in to the Driver which is absolutely amazing, but intrigued by the G425 as Ian from TXG even said that the Max looked very appealing and hit the same with their new spin tech for mishits. Pretty interested in trying out the new Callaway Apex hybrids as well as the 425s comparatively to going with a 7W
  4. sorry for the late reply. No. they all seemed to be current Gen balls.
  5. They definitely mix. I bought a box to add to an Amazon order to not pay for shipping. The entire Box was ProV1x's. I game ProV1's so I was going to use for putting/chipping at my home setup but ended up giving them to a buddy since not a single one was a ProV1.
  6. I was fitted in to the TSi3 myself a couple of weeks ago. Just waiting on it to arrive from build this week. I thought the sound was miles better than the TS3. Probably the best sounding and nicest feel driver I've ever hit. So definitely subjective, but hey that's why there are so many different choices on the market.
  7. Just got fitted at TXG for the Titleist TSi3. going to definitely be a fitter favourite and you'll see them popping up as a true winner. Off the rack though will be TaylorMade's and Callaway's I would imagine.
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