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  1. I was fitted in to the TSi3 myself a couple of weeks ago. Just waiting on it to arrive from build this week. I thought the sound was miles better than the TS3. Probably the best sounding and nicest feel driver I've ever hit. So definitely subjective, but hey that's why there are so many different choices on the market.
  2. Check out maybe the Snell MTB- Black if you are wanting to go the direct to consumer route? the guys at TXG stated even that if they didn't have logos on them they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the PRO V's and the MTB's. Food for thought.
  3. Just got fitted at TXG for the Titleist TSi3. going to definitely be a fitter favourite and you'll see them popping up as a true winner. Off the rack though will be TaylorMade's and Callaway's I would imagine.
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