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  1. I used testers enamel I have tried nail polish before with poor results
  2. I use testers enamel wiping with a dry cloth, or a paper towel dipped in some grip solvent
  3. A couple coats and some TLC and they are ready for trick or treat!
  4. Needs more work but here's my DBM with orange pain fill to match the ferrules any thoughts or suggestions to make filling and wiping off easier are welcome.
  5. I agree the finish is outstanding, very durable and can be given a beautiful hue with a little WD40, although the picture above shows the irons cleaned up with just water and a scrub brush. I have noticed that my wedge that I play from the sand regularly has a bit of wear on the sole and has a color that looks good IMHO
  6. Please take me out for a walk!
  7. I have been building my own clubs for a few years and during a recent trip to our local hardware store I had an aha moment, why not use 5/8th inch backer rod for vibration mitigation. Just shove it down the shaft like you would ProSoft. My club builds have come together fine with swing weights that didn’t require unusual adjustments to stay at my preferred D2. I’m cheap, umm frugal and it works for me!
  8. Maltby addict look close dose the DBM iron look better blacked out or with the orange hossel
  9. Long story, but the short end of it is, I have been more show than go, reasons being I have had two lumbar fusions. 2/27/21 was the most recent, so I glue together clubs using a calculator and my awesome shop to create and use my clubs that I believe are as good as any. I hit 30 balls today with my new ts2/PTM build and using my swing caddy 300 realized my swing speed in one week has dropped 5 mph! All true died in the wool golfers are dreamers and builders of their game or clubs, I am offering what I created on this forum to not only promote Maltby but the builders like Popeye who show what is possible, and how beautiful Maltby clubs are. That picture of the MMB’s just a few frames back is one I hope to take some day, look at it, pure muscle backs with beautiful wear(patina) lead tape to bear the weight of the owner and the drive he has for improvement. Here is a picture of one of my on again off again DBM experiments in orange. To build or not to build?
  10. Just completed my recent PTM build with additional ts2 4 and 5 on the top that extended my 4* gap trough the 5 might have GW bend the 4 down to 20* but it works great for me as is. The TSW on the bottom I have yet to play but have no doubt it will fit in nicely after reading all the positive reviews here. I threw the 54 in the bag for extra eye candy it will be coming out as it matches up better with my DBM heads that are available for sale if anyone is interested. Two cobra hybrids that go in and out with the driver Coba 3/4, 5/7 are money the 5 will never leave. The putter, a 6$ lotus off eBay is 100% carbon made in the USA( no longer in production) that in itself could be fun to play with the finish. If there is anyone out there that has stripped the finish on carbon putters and blued, oiled, or heat treated for different effects I would love to hear from you.
  11. Hey Maltby enthusiast let’s do a wedge thread! Show me your spinner! Did some paint removal on the sole and added color to the loft more to come ! Maltby builders show us your spinners!
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