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  1. Mine are also filthy ain’t nobody got time for club cleaning, I barely have time to play!!
  2. Love a good ole vokey. I have the 52, 56 and 60 degree
  3. Jacob American Fork, Utah Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net? No Do you use any sort of LM with one. Not yet but I have a launch monitor and would love to try it out.
  4. That’s a really great point! Wouldn’t it be nice to just always play private courses for 8 hrs a day and have that luxury? Man that’s the life.
  5. Haha that’s a great point about the definition of insanity! I had a sand wedge in my bag for a while that I never practiced with and it got nixed and pulled out so I could put a club I use/like more
  6. Jacob/ American Fork, Utah 12.5 preferred but usually that’s not an option so a 13. FootJoy sport LT Most important to me are three things. I want to like the way it looks on my foot at address. I want it to be comfortable walking 18, and I want it to be form fitting and to mold over time to my foot (like a basketball shoe) so there’s no awkward empty spaces that cause my foot to slide around. Although I’m a 13 I often end up buying a 12.5 if they run small for the third reason.
  7. @HoyoymacI’m glad you said that. What you do is the exact same shot that I learned! (I think my dad was tired of watching me skull it over the green haha). Like you said it’s Basically a really delofted putting stroke, lined up on my back foot, weight and hands forward with a 52-60 degree depending on how far I want the ball to carry over the rough stuff. Honestly it’s such a fun shot! I love taking 20-30 of those on the practice green after the driving range and I can always sink a few. And then when I want to pop it up a little and get some backspin I pull back a little further and follow through with a good swift stroke and whip the club head. I’ll for sure check out that Dave Pelz short game bible. Thanks for the tip!
  8. I learned to hit a chip shot at a young age with my 60 deg wedge from a dad that took his wedge game seriously. He’s a Vokey guy and by the holy customs of hand-me-down, I am too. I carry a 52, and 56 and a 60. Now I’m not sure how new this idea is, but I keep running into guys, whose coach/trainer say something like this: oh those high loft wedges “are really just for the pros” and anyone who seriously wants to improve their score should just do a simple bump and run with their 7 iron whenever possible and not even bother with a wedge. Thoughts on that? I mean I love chipping from inside 50 yards. It’s the only shot where I really feel I have a somewhat reasonable chance of sinking it from outside the green. And when I hear this argument it makes me think maybe people don’t have enough confidence in their wedges? I guess I’m probably missing something. I’m definitely not trying to put anyone down here and most guys i know that use the 7i bump and rub can kick my . I’m just about every aspect of the game. For someone who loves wedges, is there someone that can give me a deep dive into this trade off? I’d love to hear what y’all have to say. In short what would be the pros/cons to bagging my wedge and going with my 7?
  9. Hey, new here. My dad and I have been hitting the course since I could walk. He’s both my coach and my most frequent companion on the course. My old man is 60 yrs old and a scratch golfer. He keeps me humble. However he just broke his arm (near the shoulder) mad after 8 tedious months got clearance to start back at golfing. I’m coming in here to look for tips people may have re coming back after injuries and playing into old age for him. As well as building a consistent all around game for me I’m 25 and looking forward to a helluva lot more golf ahead of me than I have behind me. I played golf in my childhood and teen years then got distracted more by other sports in high school. Doing that I built up the muscle and flexibility to really be able to crack the whip on my swing for a high club head speed. I can get some good distance and love my driver, woods and long irons. Now I’m looking to get consistent with them and hit some fairways for once and maybe get it on the green in regulation a couple of times a round
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