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I've been playing golf now for close to 18 months now and I'm totally addicted, but I'm some what in a love hate relationship.😂  My dad put a club in my hand when I was 5 years old then my dad took me to Jimmy Clark for my first lesson in 1974 but that was about as far I got till I was in my later teens and I picked up a club again and played some short executive courses mostly with my friends for about 8 months and then I went about 30+ years and picked it up again after some severe Motocross injuries that put me in a wheelchair for 7 months then on a cane for another year along with a prosthetic shoulder replacement and a number of plates, screws and rods.inbound2088637029643143019.jpg.e058c015f605b2af7aee6ce9139087e5.jpginbound3947723099890166603.jpg.c5c20c5768e9a9b41d1682a12a1eb3c8.jpg

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