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  1. Wow, late to the party here. I have a backyard that would work well with this. I have a big huge net, but would like a smaller one to test wtih. I have a launch monitor and ability to record the swing as well. In Boca Raton, FL
  2. Eric Goldstein Boca RAton, FL 9.5 / 10 Currently using Addidas and some other Footjoy shoes. Comfort and traction.
  3. Funny to read the reviews and comments here. I have tried and even purchased a club or two from Warrior Golf in the past. I got a recent message from Hole 19 about these Patriot Golf clubs which seems like a Warrior Club knock off (if there's such a thing). I tried calling - couldn't get through to anyone - and 3 days later, someone called me back. Similar type deal - try out their Irons (P-4w) or you can try out their fairway woods (3,5,7) and you get a "Free gift". Free gift options are either their driver, 3 wedges (52,56,60) or a putter. I like my driver, so t
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