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  1. My putting is probably my biggest weakness. Great opportunity to test a putter with a great reputation. Good luck everyone!
  2. I just purchased a pair of the FJ Hyperflex. By far the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. Right out of the box they fit like a glove. All the reviews saying they run a 1/2 size too large are correct. I wear 11.5W, but got the 11W and they are perfect. I went with the old school laces though, not a huge fan of the BOA thing.
  3. Does anyone have any golf teachers they could recommend in New Hampshire? I'm in the Concord/Manchester area, but would drive a bit for a solid instructor.
  4. Jim - Concord, NH 11.5 EE Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Width and enough room in the toe box. Most golf shoes are too narrow.
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