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  1. Do you like to play it? If yes, it's good. The end.
  2. I haven't either. Assume it will happen at some point. There are some bucket list places I know will cost over $100, but if it's not on the list I'll avoid it if at all possible. Lots of great golf options for under $50 and I am in favor of volume golf.
  3. Best might depend on your mental side. I can struggle with over-thinking the game and have found that 1-on-1 lessons give me too much information in too little time. The small clinic setting (under 8 golfers) has been best for me since the pro can give me a tip or two to work on without me getting overwhelmed. I have done a 6 session/1x week spring clinic for the last 5 years and have found it extremely beneficial. Try both and see which suits you best.
  4. For pros: narrow and stop rolling/double cutting fairways. Grow rough thicker. Make accuracy a premium. As a single digit hdcp 51 y/o playing the proper tees and still averaging 260 driving thru gym work & speed training losing 10 yds sucks. Bad job USGA/R&A. Been playing for 40 years so too hooked to quit the game but for newer players, especially if changes are coming to drivers as well (less hot face, smaller head size) the powers that be may severely damage efforts to grow the game.
  5. It is round dependent and comes down to the type of shot I need to hit. Full swing distance is about 75 yds. I first got it to play a more squared stance on short-sided chip shots but it is now fully incorporated into my bag. My PW is probably used the least. The 50, 56, 60 and 64 all see pretty equal use. I am fortunate to still be pretty long off the tee at 50 years old so get to hit a lot with the scoring clubs. The 56 was my first wedge addition beyound the PW 35 years ago. 60 was next, then the 50 and now the 64. Each time I added I was able to hit the shots I need with the others but looked to do so as perfectly and consistently as possible. Since the 5 iron was mostly gsthering dust I had room to add it. I prefer a choked down 80ish percent 23° hybrid to the 5 iron. Better control, accuracy, height and spin to hold the green. If you can, borrow one from a friend for a range session. The 64 is definitely not for everyone. My 56, 60 and 64 are all low bounce as well which I hear all the time is not ideal for most players but it is my ideal setup so I know a lot of what I have laid out could make things worse if you already struggle with wedges. Hope this helps though!
  6. Footjoy gloves, Ecco shoes, Ping driver, Tour Edge 3W, Cleveland hybrids, New Level irons, Cleveland wedges, Odyssey putter and Titleist ProV1 and Maxfli Tour X balls. No loyalty to brand. I game what independently tests well and what performs best for me for there.
  7. 5 tool wedge guy. PW (44°), GW (50°), SW (56°), LW (60°), 64°. Rarely play a round where I don't use all 5. Other clubs are 7.5° driver, 14.5° 3W, 19.5° and 23° hybrids, 6-9 irons. Replaced the 5 iron with tbe 64° this year. Don't miss it. Gripped down 23° has better height, spin and accuracy for holding greens. 5 iron was becoming a punchout only club. Rather have another scoring club in the bag.
  8. Wood, plastic, , bamboo, whole, broken, pencil w/eraser removed. Haven't bought tees in years. Find so many I give away bags several times a year. If they aren't broken I compulsively pick them up. I start each round with one from my bag and end with a bunch in my pocket. My preshot routine starts with checking for consistent height once I put the ball on the tee. That's the only time I think about tees. If it lets me put the ball at the height I need it works.
  9. Several thousand rounds of playing and a ton of rounds caddying over 39 years lead to these (sorry I can't do only one) and a lot of players, especially average to bad ones will argue on them all. So from tee to green: 1) Choke down on or purchase a shorter driver. You will hit it farther and straighter. Watch the long tour guys like Rory and Sergio (in his prime). They choke down and bomb it straight all the time. 2) When deciding between two clubs take more club every time. The one time you hit a 7 iron 175 is the one time. If most of the time you hit it 165 play for most of the time. 3) Except with scoring irons (or all irons if you are a high hdcp) play your full irons aiming for the center of the green. Don't flag hunt. That way inconsistencies long, short, left, right, combo give you a better chanxe of being on the green. 4) Until you master it, chip with the same club every time. I recommend any wedge between 48-56 degrees. You'll develop distance control and touch. Once you have those you can apply it to various lofts based on circumstance (or you'll be so deadly with the one club you won't mess around!) 5) For putts outside of 12 feet pretend the cup is the center of a wagon wheel. If you're first put ends inside the wheel it's an easy 2 putt. Success! Not sure I have ever seen a bad putter who had grest distance control but just could't read greens. Unless you are putting first your companions' putts give a ton of info on break. Watch every putt, not just yours and watch each until they stop rolling for max info. Master distance control, master putting.
  10. Really excited for this one! Congrats to all the testers. Interested to see how each conducts side-by-sides with their current gamers.
  11. Already was a Maxfli Tour X convert from MSGs ball lab testing last year. As a very long time Pro V1x only gamer I would have never tried this ball without MSG even at half the price. I can't play any super spinny ball with my driver or things go wrong quickly. The Maxfli Tour X hasn't disappointed me at all. Also converted another Titleist guy and a Callaway guy I play with weekly. This is my gamer for now.
  12. I understand not wanting to blame the putter for deficiencies in mechanics. Just turned 50 and have only had 4 putters in my 40 years golfing: Arnold Palmer "the original", Never Compromise Voodoo, Odyssey Tank #7 and my current Rife Raider X. I have the old putters in my closet except the Voodoo which I sold. All four have essentially the same hosel, so alignment doesn't change. The reason I have changed over 40 years is that if you are a good putter, feel doesn't really come and go, but the mental side does. The last time I was struggling, prior to buying the Rife, I put the Odyssey in the closet and played one round with the Arnold Palmer just to remind myself I'm a good putter. Completely different weight from the Tank, but I putted just fine. The Arnold Palmer flaws for me now are weight and absolutely no tech so I won't game it daily, but it confirmed for me that the Odyssey issues were all mental. I tried going back to it and the same issue came back. Bought the Rife online in the club parking lot after a miserable round and haven't looked back. Sounds like you trust the Evnroll to work for you. Take that positivity and go with it. You'll be glad you did.
  13. You already own the Evnroll so this isn't a $ question. You got fitted and bought it for a reason. In practice you prefer it. So it's all mental now. Why wouldn't you play it at this point? What is holding you back? Subconsciously you may be putting worse with the Odyssey to give yourself a reason to switch. Or you have lost confidencd in it knowing the Evnroll seems like an even better choice for you. Stop torturing yourself and game the Evnroll already. It's not like you have to throw the other putter away.
  14. Anyone else have a Bridgestone or other premium ball fail in this manner? Cracked on driver impact. In 38 years playing and caddying I have never seen this. I've even seen balls survive run-ins with the fairway gang reel mower blades with less damage. Ball was performing with no issues up to that point. Back to Titleists for me based on this.
  15. 6'2". 36". Never tried anything shorter tha 35" since I hit this height.
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