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  1. Understanding what your clubs can and can't do is vital. It also builds confidence in more routine shots when you know you can pull off higher skill shots. I don't use it often but flops don't intimidate and have improved touch and confidence on chips from various lies and my sand game. Other shots I practice are Patrick Reed's helicopter slice (basically a Tiger move I started practicing years ago), hitting out of a divot and a low punch with and without a hook. The biggest takeaways are how to work the ball at extremes with confidence and master distance control under pressure. Look at the shot Stewart Cink hit off of a sidehill lie with the ball resting against a stick at Harbortown. He hit a better shot than a lot of 130 yard wedges hit at the Zurich from the center of the fairway last weekend. You don't have any idea how to approach a shot like that without giving yourself challenges at the range. If you're a "winter rules" player year round, don't bother but if the goal is becoming a better all around player it won't hurt your development.
  2. SOLDTour Edge CBX Iron-Woods 5-PW $450 + $40 s/h (virtually new, Hzrdus Back 6.0 stiff 85 grams), great topline view in game improvement irons forged cup face, $1200 new, headcovers even LOL) Read MyGolfSpy review! PayPal or Venmo. Will ship same or next day.
  3. Have to credit a great, inexpensive product. Got a PeakPulse 600AC for under $60. Flag lock vibration, slope, been matching it side-by-side with my buddy's $400 Bushnell and always consistent within a yard (he's pissed, I'm thrilled). Accurate to at least 250 yards so far (I don't use it off the tee typically if hitting driver) so should work for most players. Uses AAA batteries. 7 rounds in using for myself and two friends. Still full battery life. Have never used a rangefinder other than cart GPS previously and it is helping shave strokes.
  4. I have played KBS TOUR X for a while. No complaints. Decided to try something new. Went with HZRDUS Black based on ball flight profile. Shaft performs fine based on height. Shot shape is now a strong draw though so need firmer flex.
  5. Not knocking graphite shafts at all. I have played xstiff for a long time and decided to move to a stiff graphite. Have played Hzrdus in my driver and 3w for several years with success. The change to stiff resulted in a strong draw for me and I am a straight/fade iron player. Sticking with xstiff for now but would happily switch to graphite if I find the right set. I always self fit based on lengthly playing, caddie and pro shop experience. The drop in flex was due to no gym work for 12 months. Orange Whip and MISIG training was apparently sufficient. Enough so I moved from a stiff Hzrdus Yellow in my 3w to an xstiff Paderson Ballistic TP shaft.
  6. Turned 48 and decided to switch this season. Got lazy during COVID and figured I should go from xstiff to stiff shafts at the same time. Long story short, the graphite is a much softer feel....but I somehow got stronger sitting around so still need xstiff clubs and put my old set back in the bag. Selling the mint set of Tour Edge Iron Wood forged irons I got 5-PW with Hzrdus Black shafts. Can post pictures for anyone interested. Will be in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum soon along with an M1 driver and Tour Edge CBX 3 15° 3w.
  7. Need stiff or x-stiff. Prefer Ping G400 adapter or no adapter.
  8. I have an Orange Whip that I leave in my bag and warm up with before every round. A couple minutes is all you need. Make sure you swing some lefty if you are a right-handed or righty if left handed. I'm 48 and this has also improved my overall golf flexibility. My distance is as good or better than when I was younger and I still have to use X flex iron shafts at an age where my buddies are shifting to whippier shafts. We also allow a "breakfast ball" off the 1st tee.
  9. Duluth Trading Incog-Chinos are great. Look like casual dress pants but material is actually a sweatpants or thick yoga pants-like material. Warm and the material stretches slightly which is great for golf, but maintains shape so doesn't look sloppy. Traditional waist sizes and 32, 34 and 36 inseam options. Best cool weather pants I've ever played in and look great.
  10. My previous from the app failed. Sorry. Looking for recommendations besides the obvious "get a fitting" for my driver. Distance is 260-300 depending on the day. Swing is aggressive, quick transition. Really like to go afternit. Preferred feel is heavy head and non-boardy feel in the shaft. High ball flight with all clubs is my standard. Driver head is M1 440 set to 8.75 rear weight forward. Front weight slightly to fade. Shaft is Project X Smoke Yellow 6.0. On good days, straight to slight cut flight. Bad days are high push to ballooning slice. Still long but score killing. HDCP is 7.8 . Every 70 gram shaft I try takes away the feel of the head I prefer. Maybe the wrong 70g shaft. Looking for a mid to high launch. Not sure about spin as I'm not sure if the slice days are spin related. Have KBS x flex irons, Miyazaki 59g x hybrid shafts. Standard Project X Yellow 6.0 in the 3 wood.
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