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  1. Don't know about the UK.
  2. Two days after making this post, I received an email of the shipping notice from Rain or Shine Golf. When the Mevo+ arrives, it will be ten weeks from when I ordered it.
  3. Anyone get their Mevo+ in the past two weeks? If so, what was the time between ordering it and receiving it? I ordered mine through Rain or Shine Golf on November 30th and the payment was processed on December 7th. The confirmation email said it was likely to be shipped in 7-8 weeks. When that deadline passed, I asked for an update and they just gave me a boilerplate response that I will be notified when the item is shipped. I considered this response to be very poor customer service and likely mean I will never patronize Rain for Shine Golf again. As I am now at the 9th week sin
  4. Which YouTube instructors have you found valuable? I've only been viewing for the past month, but so far Steve Pratt has easily been the best for my game so far.
  5. I already own a Rapsodo MLM. How can I participate in the test?
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